Pope Francis Approves Blessings For Same-Sex Couples, Emphasizing Inclusivity, God’s Love

 Pope Francis has formally approved the blessing of same-sex couples within the Catholic Church, signaling a significant shift in Vatican policy.

The approval comes with the release of a new document from the Vatican’s doctrine office, which elaborates on the pope’s earlier communication with two conservative cardinals in October.

The document, unveiled on Monday, builds upon Pope Francis’s preliminary response, suggesting that blessings for same-sex couples could be granted under specific circumstances without conflating the ritual with the sacrament of marriage.

Reiterating this condition, the document emphasizes that marriage remains a sacred union between a man and a woman, while highlighting the need for blessings to be non-liturgical in nature.

While stressing the importance of maintaining the distinction between same-sex blessings and traditional marriage ceremonies, the document asserts that requests for such blessings should not be summarily denied.

It underscores a broader definition of “blessing” in Scripture, asserting that individuals seeking a transcendent relationship with God should not face exhaustive moral scrutiny as a prerequisite for receiving His love and mercy.

According to the document, a blessing serves as a means to deepen one’s trust in God, fostering openness to transcendence, mercy, and closeness to God in the myriad circumstances of life.

It rejects the notion of subjecting individuals to meticulous moral analysis, describing the request for a blessing as an expression and nurturance of spiritual openness.

This move reflects Pope Francis’s ongoing commitment to embracing LGBTQ+ Catholics, a cornerstone of his papacy since his famous 2013 remark, “Who am I to judge?” regarding a gay priest.

His 2023 comment to The Associated Press, stating, “Being homosexual is not a crime,” further solidified his position as a leader advocating for inclusivity within the Catholic Church.

Francis DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry, an organization supporting LGBTQ+ Catholics, emphasized the significance of the news, stating, “It is one thing to formally approve same-gender blessings, which he had already pastorally permitted, but to say that people should not be subjected to ‘an exhaustive moral analysis’ to receive God’s love and mercy is an even more significant step.”

The document marks a progressive and inclusive step in the Catholic Church, aligning with Pope Francis’s vision of fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding for all its members.


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