Poultry Farmers Cry Out For Lifeline Amid Industry Collapse Threat 

Poultry farmers nationwide, with a focus on Lagos State, are facing an existential crisis following the removal of fuel subsidies, Naira devaluation, and a subsequent downturn in the poultry sector.

 The Erikorodo Poultry Association, representing these beleaguered farmers, issued a heartfelt plea for immediate government intervention to avert a looming catastrophe.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Mrs. Juliana Ibitoye, Chairman of the Erikorodo Poultry Association, implored authorities at all levels to provide essential support directly to farmers within the Erikorodo Poultry Estate.

The association laid bare the dire situation, revealing that many of its members have lost their investments over the past year, teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. 

Their clarion call for urgent assistance aims to stave off an impending industry collapse.

The statement read, “We urgently draw the government’s attention to the plight of poultry farmers across the nation, particularly in the Erikorodo Poultry Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos State. 

In recent months, poultry feed prices have skyrocketed by more than 100%, primarily due to maize scarcity, a critical component of feed production. 

The Naira’s devaluation and fuel subsidy removal have further exacerbated our industry’s woes.”

“Desperate farmers are being forced to sell off their birds or even their farms, with no relief in sight. Many of our members have seen their capital vanish within a year. 

Our farms directly employ over a thousand staff and indirectly support over five thousand more, sustaining countless livelihoods. 

The closure of these farms threatens widespread unemployment and endangers the government’s food security initiatives.”

To address this crisis, the Erikorodo Poultry Estate Association appealed to the government for grants and soft loans to rejuvenate struggling businesses.

 They also voiced support for the establishment of commodity boards to regulate poultry product prices and urged the immediate release of maize from federal grain reserves. 

Furthermore, they advocated for removing restrictions on maize imports to foster competition in the market.

The association expressed gratitude to the Lagos State Government for past support, urging it not to let their efforts go to waste in light of the current challenges.


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