Professor Advocates  Media Literacy Programmes To Combat Cyber Hooliganism 

Professor Kolade Ajilore, an expert in Marketing Communication and Head of Babcock University’s Mass Communication department, has called for   the integration of media literacy initiatives within Nigeria’s educational framework .

The call was  to tackle the rising prevalence of cyber hooliganism and predatory behaviour in the digital sphere.

 He star this  during the presentation of Babcock University’s 48th inaugural lecture at the Babcock Business School Auditorium.

Speaking on  the theme “Advertising Practice As Brand Communication Archery in the Age of a Rebellious Audience,” Professor Ajilore underscored the imperative for heightened public consciousness regarding the influence wielded by the media and the imperative of safeguarding society against its potential misuse. 

Central to his discourse was the necessity of striking a delicate equilibrium between marketing objectives and upholding ethical standards to both enlighten and shield vulnerable demographics.

Highlighting the evolution of advertising in contemporary society, Professor Ajilore articulated the inadequacies of conventional, one-sided promotional strategies in resonating with today’s astute and discerning audiences. 

He advocated for a paradigm shift towards a more nuanced, two-sided messaging approach to engender deeper engagement and credibility amongst consumers.

Moreover, Professor Ajilore stressed the indispensability of ongoing tracking research to meticulously monitor advertising campaigns, identifying and rectifying any deviations before irreparable harm ensues. 

Emphasizing the pivotal role of governmental regulatory bodies, he urged concerted efforts to fortify safeguards for susceptible segments of society against the perils of cyber victimization and exploitation.

While disavowing blanket regulation of the digital media landscape, Professor Ajilore championed a grassroots educational approach to heighten awareness of its inherent risks. 

He cautioned against complacency, acknowledging the transformative potential of social media whilst acknowledging its capacity for malevolent repercussions if left unchecked.

In his parting remarks, Professor Ajilore issued a clarion call for collective action, stressing the urgency of addressing the dual facets of media advancement and societal protection. 

His impassioned advocacy for media literacy programs serves as a clarion call for stakeholders across academia, government, and civil society to collaboratively confront the challenges posed by an increasingly digitized world.

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