Promoting Harmony: Expert Unveils Path To Peace For Nigeria On World Peace Day

Aminat Gusanu

The General Secretary for Peace Studies and Practice in Ogun State,Fayokemi Otunlana,  shared valuable insights on fostering peace among Nigerians during the celebration of International Peace Day in Abeokuta, Ogun state capital.

Addressing the audience at the event themed “ACTION FOR PEACE,” Otunlana underlined the pivotal role of parental upbringing in establishing and preserving peace in society. 

She emphasized that instilling values of happiness and righteousness in children is essential for nurturing harmonious homes and shaping a preferred way of life.

In her address, she stressed that the future of Nigeria lies in its children, asserting that peace must begin with home training.

 Otunlana urged everyone to introspect their actions and prioritize choices that promote peace, gender equality, poverty eradication, and peaceful coexistence in their families.

Otunlana said,”We gathered here today to encourage everyone to assess our actions beforehand, ensuring that we only choose actions that foster peace wherever we are.

“In our families, let’s champion actions that promote gender equality, eliminate poverty, and maintain a peaceful environment at all times.

“Accept the fact that you’re a Nigerian , you’re not here by mistake, once you’re at peace with yourself you won’t find it difficult to be at peace with other people because you won’t give what you don’t have.”

She called upon Nigerians to advocate for peace both in society and the business sector, highlighting that peace is an indispensable prerequisite for achieving any goals. 

Additionally, Otunlana underscored the significance of self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-respect in attaining inner and interpersonal peace.

In alignment with this message of harmony, Olusanya Olawale, the head of the Peace and Conflict Resolution Unit of Nigeria Security, urged Nigerians to forsake conflicts and embrace peaceful resolutions. 

He emphasized that individuals should prioritize peaceful dialogue and cooperation over disputes, urging everyone to celebrate and support one another.

“Peace starts with each one of us. Extend a helping hand to those in need, resolve disputes amicably within your communities, and peacefully coexist in all circumstances,” 

Olawale urged the masses, reinforcing that peace is a collective efforts  essential for societal betterment .


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