Purported Dismissal Of Igbein Chiefs Ridiculous, Laughable – Lukosi Igbein

Daud Olatunji

 The purported dismissal of five Igbein chiefs by three other chiefs has been denounced as a joke, laughable, primitive, ridiculous, and lacking due process by the Lukosi of Igbeinland, Chief Dada Jesiliu.

 In a press release issued in Abeokuta, Chief Jesiliu criticised the actions of the trio, accusing them of overstepping their authority and violating established protocols.

Chief Jesiliu expressed his disbelief at the audacity of the chiefs, identified as Aro, Jaguna, and Lukotun, who he claims bypassed all existing rules and protocols by publicly announcing the dismissal of the five chiefs.

 “It is very laughable and ridiculous to those that are conversant with Ogboni ethos,” Jesiliu stated. 

“For the trio to bypass all existing rules and protocols by going on air and publishing the dismissal of other chiefs in Igbeinland, a town under the jurisdiction of our most respected Kaabiyesi, Oba Michael Aremu Gbadebo, Okukenu IV, the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, is a serious breach of tradition and respect.”

Chief Jesiliu highlighted the importance of following proper procedures within the Ogboni fraternity, stressing that every institution has its own established methods for addressing disputes and making decisions. 

He criticised the public nature of the dismissal announcement, describing it as a deliberate attempt to stigmatise and fabricate allegations against the affected chiefs. 

He attributed these actions to the influence of external sponsors.

“There are ways to settle Ogboni disputes that do not involve casting aspersions or embarrassing one another,” Chief Jesiliu remarked. 

“Such acts are not only ridiculous but also detrimental to the unity and peace of our community.”

Despite the controversy, Chief Jesiliu emphasised the commitment of himself and the other chiefs to maintaining peace and order.

 He assured the public that they would not engage in a war of words over the issue, and that the matter would be addressed through the appropriate legal and traditional channels.

“We will report this issue to the appropriate quarters in a civilized manner,” Chief Jesiliu stated.

 He reaffirmed the legitimacy of the affected chiefs, including Idris Oyetunji (Odofin), Mufutau Obayomi (Lisa), Surajudeen Aiyenreti (Baala), Nurudeen Olowolagba (Apena), and himself, Dada Jesiliu (Lukosi).

Chief Jesiliu urged the general public to disregard the purported publication and assured that the authentic holders of the various chieftaincy positions remain in their rightful places.

 He called for respect for traditional institutions and adherence to due process in resolving internal disputes.

PLATFORM TIMES observes that the statement from the Lukosi of Igbeinland underscores the need for respect and adherence to traditional protocols, highlighting the dangers of unauthorised actions that can lead to unnecessary conflict and confusion within the community.

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