Quack, Accomplice Inject Pregnant Woman To Death In Kano

The Kano State Police have arrested Mr. Chidera Ugwu 24, a quack doctor, for allegedly causing the death of a pregnant woman through the administration of a wrongful injection in an attempt to abort the unborn baby. 

Concurrently, notorious thug Yusuf Haruna, also known as Lagwatsani (18), was apprehended for fatally stabbing an Imam.

Kano State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Usaini Gumel, shared details of the arrests, highlighting the commendable progress in the relentless pursuit of justice.

Both Chidera and Yusuf will face charges related to highly sensitive homicide cases that have deeply shaken the Kano community.

The arrest of Chidera unfolded after a report from Nura Balarabe, detailing a conspiracy involving Ukasha Muhammed and the quack doctor, leading to the death of 19-year-old Amina Bala.

 Investigations revealed a disturbing pattern of Chidera Ugwu administering fatal injections to pregnant women.

CP Gumel emphasized the significance of the arrests in safeguarding the lives of Kano residents, expressing determination to bring justice to those affected by such heinous acts.

Additionally, he reported the apprehension of Yusuf Haruna for the brutal murder of Imam Sani Mohammed Shuaibu, which occurred during a confrontation over smoking Indian hemp near a mosque.

Highlighting a positive turn of events, CP Gumel announced the voluntary surrender of 12 individuals, drummers from Rijiyar Lemo and Kurna Quarters, known for promoting thuggery through indecent music.

 The surrender aligns with the police’s ongoing efforts to curb criminal activities and maintain law and order in Kano State.

CP Gumel acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the community and urged more individuals to come forward with information to identify and encourage the voluntary surrender of those engaged in criminal acts.

 He assured continued commitment to promoting security and safety, encouraging individuals involved in criminal activities to follow the example of those who surrendered voluntarily.

The Police Command emphasized its dedication to supporting rehabilitation and reintegration for those who choose to abandon criminal activities.

CP Gumel expressed gratitude for the community’s confidence, friendship, prayers, understanding, and continuous support, urging residents to report any suspicious activities to the nearest police station or emergency contacts. 

The arrests mark a crucial step in addressing criminal elements and fostering a secure and peaceful environment in Kano State.

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