REA and SON Urge Local Solar Panel Production To Fuel Energy Revolution

In a bid to revolutionize Nigeria’s energy landscape, the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) and the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) are pushing for the local manufacturing of solar inverters and batteries. 

Experts highlight that solar battery prices have already plummeted by 50 percent, making this the opportune moment to invest in local production.

Speaking at the 2nd edition of the Gennex Colloquium 2023 in Lagos, Adewale Bayejo, South West Zonal Coordinator of REA, emphasized the need for domestic manufacturing.

Despite the rapid evolution of the global solar industry, high prices persist due to the absence of local production.

Bayejo stressed, “Local manufacturing of solar batteries and inverters is the best solution for Nigeria, especially in light of the current challenges facing the power sector.”

However, he lamented that many potential investors seek immediate returns, hindering long-term commitments.

Highlighting the funding issue, Bayejo noted that genuine local companies interested in manufacturing often lack the necessary financial support, leading to a situation where products are primarily imported and assembled in Nigeria, which is detrimental to the economy.

Furthermore, Bayejo called on SON and Nigerian Customs to intensify efforts to ensure the quality of solar products available in the Nigerian market, promoting consumer trust and safety.

In contrast, Dr. Richard Adewunmi, Director of Laboratories at SON, suggested that Nigeria should explore partnerships with foreign firms to bolster its solar industry


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