Renowned Gospel Singer, Ayefele Blames Doctor’s Negligence For Wheelchair Confinement

..Nigerians Share Bitter Experience With Singer

… NMA Fumes  Over Allegation, Invites Discussion 

Daud Olatunji

In a heart-wrenching revelation, renowned Nigerian musician and broadcaster Yinka Ayefele recently shared the devastating consequences of medical negligence that have haunted him for nearly 26 years

Ayefele, known for his gospel music, opened up during a radio programme  in Abeokuta, monitored by PLATFORM TIMES where he discussed his plans to aid victims of medical malpractice, particularly in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Ayefele who hosted some other broadcasters on his weekly show, complained that his good intention to help victims of serious ailment has been misconstrued.

The backlash of the programme when he called out the Nigeria Medical Association, Oyo state, over a recent case of negligence prompted him to share his experience .

The tragic ordeal began on December 12, 1997, when Ayefele was involved in a life-altering automobile accident, leaving his spinal cord severely damaged and him confined to a wheelchair.

Recalling the pivotal moment, Ayefele expressed gratitude for a Dr. Malomo, whose timely intervention likely saved his life.

Ayefele recounted, “Thank God for Doctor Malomo, they were not supposed to raise the bed. Someone had a spinal cord injury, and they raised the bed on the 3rd day. They were asked to drop the bed.

“When they raised the bed, the sensation started moving from the leg and was ascending to the neck. I can’t raise my hands or legs. So, when they dropped the raised bed, the sensation started returning gradually. Thank God for Doctor Malomo. If not, I would have been dead for a long time.

“Assuming they didn’t raise the bed, it’s like I might have regained my legs.”


… More Complaints Against Medical Workers 

Devastated by his own experience, Ayefele has become a fervent advocate for victims of medical negligence. 

He lamented the numerous complaints he’s received from Nigerians who’ve suffered due to the negligence of medical workers.

During the programme, Ayefele also highlighted the urgent need for the medical community, including the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), to address this critical issue. He urged them to listen to the program and take action to ensure patients receive the care they deserve.

He said “There are so many people who have come to me since last week, talking about what they have experienced.

“When Fresh FM just started, a particular girl came to me at my office. She said if she drinks water, the water will leak from her body.

” She also said that whenever she eats, water will leak from her body. She actually said she has appendicitis but was mistakenly operated on, and something was cut off from her body system.”

“Those who have been following Fresh FM from the beginning will remember that we warned that Toyin mustn’t die. We were the ones who opened a bank account for her and raised money for her.

“When someone takes his  family member or anyone to the hospital, what the person wants is a total cure. But now, it is not the case anymore. When getting to the hospital, the sickness gets worse.

“A woman is standing now, and something is coming out from her body. They did an operation on a woman’s private part, and they tampered with her intestine. When the woman stands, things will be coming out of her body.”

Ayefele’s poignant stories underscore the dire consequences of medical negligence in Nigeria, emphasizing the need for a systemic change to protect the lives and well-being of patients.


… NMA Faults Ayefele Over Allegation, Invites Discussion 


Dr. Kunle Ashimi, Chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association in Ogun State, has offered a response to the recent allegations made by Yinka Ayefele concerning his medical condition following a spinal cord injury. 

Dr. Ashimi expressed his perspective on the matter, stating, “Someone took a case to his radio station and without medical knowledge of what transpired he started talking anyhow.”

Acknowledging the complexities that can arise in medical cases, he emphasized that no doctor would intentionally seek to harm a patient.

 Dr. Ashimi stressed that Ayefele should appreciate the circumstances surrounding his accident and its impact on his health, rather than attributing it to negligence.

Dr. Ashimi shed light on the nature of spinal cord injuries, noting that such injuries often occur at the accident scene, during the crucial moments of rescue.

 He revealed his own efforts in training over 250 individuals, including police personnel, in rescuing accident victims, particularly those with spinal cord injuries.

The Chairman highlighted the scarcity of spinal cord surgeons in hospitals, even in prominent institutions like UCH (University College Hospital). He emphasized that spinal cord surgeries are typically performed at specialized facilities, not in every hospital.

In response to Ayefele’s claims about raising the bed affecting his spine, Dr. Ashimi clarified that adjusting the bed’s position, known as the cardiac position, is a common medical practice to aid heart function and does not compromise the spinal cord. 

He also suggested that Ayefele should consider discussing his medical records with him to gain a better understanding of the medical interventions that saved his life.

Dr. Ashimi concluded by inviting Ayefele for a discussion to provide more insight into his medical treatment and the efforts made by doctors to ensure his well-being.

Dr. Ashimi said “somebody brought a case to his radio station, and without medical knowledge of what transpired, he started talking without caution.

“I appreciate that sometimes complications can arise from us, but, no doctor will go out with the intention of causing problems for people.

It was the of   NMA in Oyo State, because the incident happened in Ibadan, he (Ayefele) should appreciate his life. It has nothing to do with negligence. For example, the fact that you had that accident.

“Damage is usually caused at the accident scene. We  had to train over 250 people, including police and others, on how to rescue accident victims, especially victims of spinal cord injuries.

These things are happening at the accident scenes. Most often, that is where it happens. Some victims had their spinal cord injuries completed at the accident scene while rescuing them.

“If you get to a hospital where they don’t have the facility, how many spinal cord surgeons are in the hospitals?

“Even at UCH, spinal cord victims  are usually transferred from one place to another. You don’t find spinal cord surgeons in every hospital.

“For him to be alive, he should appreciate God instead of blaming doctors.

“Regarding raising the bed, if they bring an emergency from another hospital, since I was not there when the incident happened, I cannot question what the doctors did to save his life.

“It is when you are there that you will appreciate what they did.

“Maybe his heart was affected as a result of the accident. They will raise the bed a bit; we call it a cardiac position until he is stable and then change that position.

“Raising the bed cannot compromise his spine. It is not possible unless he says that when he was taken to the hospital, he was carried by his legs and arms from one place to another.

“In raising the bed, what they intend may be the cardiac position and to help his heart function better.

“If he desires, he can come for a discussion. I can look for his medical records where he was taken to, and I will tell him how the doctors saved his life.”


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