Report Scores Nigerian Judiciary Low On Credibility Amidst Widespread Corruption Concerns

In a recently released report by Citizens’ Gavel, the Nigerian judiciary has been critically assessed and found wanting in terms of credibility, primarily due to pervasive corruption.

 The report, entitled Assessing Judicial Integrity, Challenges and Recommendations for Reforms in Nigeria, highlights significant concerns over the integrity and fairness of the judicial system.

The comprehensive survey, conducted by Olanipekun Nelson, Atiku Samuel, Ajibade Oluwafemi, Ariyo Mofolarin ‘Tosin, Isaac Sylvester Agih, and Marvelous Monday, was released over the weekend in Abuja.

 It presents a sobering picture of the judiciary, based on an online opinion poll that gathered responses from 119 Nigerian citizens.

The findings are stark: an overwhelming 92% of participants expressed serious reservations about the credibility of Nigeria’s judicial system.

 This majority view points to widespread perceptions of corruption and bias within the judiciary, eroding public trust and confidence in its ability to administer justice fairly. 

In contrast, only a mere 5% of respondents indicated trust in the judiciary’s capacity to uphold principles of fairness and transparency. 

The report emphasizes that this significant disparity between those expressing distrust and the few expressing trust underscores the formidable challenge confronting the Nigerian judiciary in restoring its credibility.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 3% of respondents remained unsure about their stance, indicating a pervasive ambivalence among certain segments of the population. 

This ambivalence highlights the intricate nature of public perceptions surrounding the judiciary, with a portion of the populace neither entirely distrusting nor fully endorsing its integrity.

The report underscores the urgent necessity for comprehensive reforms aimed at addressing the systemic issues afflicting the Nigerian judiciary.

 It prioritizes transparency, accountability, and adherence to the rule of law as imperative measures to rebuild public confidence and ensure equitable access to justice for all Nigerians.

Citizens’ Gavel stressed that only through concerted efforts to combat corruption and enhance transparency can the judiciary fulfill its constitutional mandate and regain the trust of the Nigerian people. 

The authors argue that restoring judicial integrity is crucial for the overall health of the country’s democracy and the protection of citizens’ rights.

Stakeholders, including legal practitioners, civil society organizations, and ordinary citizens, are advocating immediate and decisive actions to cleanse the judiciary of corruption and bias.

 The consensus is clear: a credible and transparent judiciary is indispensable for the proper functioning of the nation’s legal system and for maintaining the rule of law.

The release of this report by Citizens’ Gavel serves as a clarion call for the Nigerian government and judicial authorities to embark on meaningful reforms. 

Only through such reforms can the judiciary regain its lost integrity and continue to serve as the bedrock of justice in Nigeria.


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