Rising Fuel Prices Force Parents To Seek Local School Alternatives For Children

A surge in fuel prices has prompted concerned parents in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, to explore relocating their children to nearby schools to alleviate the burden of high transportation costs.

Families grappling with the financial strain of commuting expenses are now opting for educational institutions closer to home.

Several parents voiced their struggles with the escalating cost of fuel and its impact on their children’s education. Mr. Nurudeen Onifade, a resident of Obada-Oko, shared his ordeal as his children attend school at Kugba Oke-Aregba, located several kilometers away.

The lengthy daily commute has taken a toll on his finances, with an average monthly expenditure of ₦45,000 per child.

Onifade explained, “I can no longer afford the transportation costs. Fuel prices are soaring, the cost of living is rising, and the country’s challenges are overwhelming.

“Imagine a child spending ₦1,500 per day and ₦45,000 per month. With four children in school, this totals ₦180,000 per month. I am now considering transferring them to a nearby school that is more affordable.”

Supporting this sentiment, Mr. Shamsudeen Abdullah, another parent, revealed his intention to switch his children’s school to a nearby option, prioritizing their well-being while considering the current economic climate.

Abdullah stated, “I want the best for my children, but I cannot ignore the high transportation costs. Given the state of affairs in the country, changing to a nearby school seems to be the most practical solution. I have visited several schools in the neighborhood and am in the process of making a decision.”

Mr. Johnson Williams, who shares similar concerns and intentions, recounted how he learned about his children’s school’s plan to increase transportation fees from ₦20,000 per term to ₦35,000. In response, he has been actively seeking a school within close proximity to his residence.

Williams expressed his frustration, saying, “I cannot afford the elevated transportation costs. I spend ₦20,000 per term on transport, and now the school is increasing it to ₦35,000. It’s not the school’s fault; we all understand the challenges in the country.

“That’s why I’m exploring a school that is just a stone’s throw from my home. As the English adage goes, ‘cut your coat according to your size,’ and that’s precisely what I intend to do.”

In the face of soaring fuel prices and economic uncertainty, parents are making tough decisions to ensure their children’s education remains accessible without imposing excessive financial burdens on their families.


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