Rite Foods Showcases Transformative Power Of Industrialization In Host Communities 

Marking the celebration of ‘World Entrepreneurs Day’ on August 21, Rite Foods has exemplified the crucial role of entrepreneurship and industrialization in driving societal and economic development. 


This year’s observance once again underscores the pivotal significance of these factors in shaping nations, reflecting Rite Foods’ mission to initiate a comprehensive economic revolution encompassing agriculture, industrialization, and urbanization.


Research emphasizes that entrepreneurship accounts for a substantial 80 percent of overall employment and urbanization development, underscoring their essential role in societal progress and the economy.


Rite Foods stands as a testament to this concept.


The company firmly believes that entrepreneurship is the key to unlocking a nation’s economic potential, particularly in low-income rural areas.


 By pushing the boundaries of entrepreneurship and industrialization, Rite Foods has not only contributed to job creation but has also alleviated challenges of unemployment and underdevelopment in Ososa.


Rite Foods has strategically promoted local employment within its communities, prioritizing recruitment from the indigenous population, especially in roles requiring lesser skilled expertise.


 This approach has significantly boosted job opportunities.


The town of Ososa, once known for its theatrical heritage, has undergone a remarkable transformation due to Rite Foods’ industrialization efforts. 


The company’s multi-billion dollar factory, operational since 2013, has expanded its portfolio to encompass multiple food and beverage brands. 


The factory’s innovation-driven approach is evident in its automation and state-of-the-art technology, supported by a vast solar plant and auxiliary power sources.


Seleem Adegunwa, the Managing Director of Rite Foods, emphasized that the vision to industrialize rural communities has been a central focus for the company’s leadership. Rite Foods has fostered inclusive community relations and corporate philanthropy, leading to infrastructural development and educational initiatives that have positively impacted the Ososa community.


Adegunwa’s leadership has garnered recognition, and in March 2023, he was nominated for the esteemed Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Award in the Master Category, a tribute to his exceptional entrepreneurship achievements.


Rite Foods stands as a beacon of how entrepreneurial efforts and industrialization can drive positive change, transform local communities, and contribute to broader societal and economic growth.

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