Road Safety Crisis: 83 Lives Lost, 102 Injured In Three Months 

In the past three months, the nation has been rocked by a string of tragic road accidents, claiming the lives of 83 individuals and leaving 102 others injured, according to a recent report. 

The incidents which occurred  between January and March 2024, were predominantly attributed to high speed and blatant disregard for traffic regulations by motorists. 

PLATFORM TIMES reports that from fatal collisions on major expressways to harrowing accidents on local roads, the toll on human life has been devastating.

One such tragedy unfolded on January 2, when a multiple-vehicle crash on the Kaduna-Zaria expressway resulted in six fatalities and 11 injuries. 

Similarly, on January 21, a fatal accident on the Kano-Kaduna expressway claimed 16 lives and left four individuals with severe injuries, marking a somber day in the nation’s road safety record.

Excessive speed and reckless driving were recurrent themes in these incidents, underscored by a collision on February 20 between a truck and a Mazda bus in Ogun State, claiming nine lives and injuring seven others. 

Wrongful overtaking and tire bursts also contributed to the alarming surge in accidents, as seen in the tragic collision near Ogunmakin on February 29, which resulted in five fatalities and four injuries.

Authorities, including the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), have expressed grave concern over the escalating disregard for traffic rules. 

Mayowa Odewo, Public Education Officer of the FRSC, emphasized the importance of educating motorists on road safety measures and enforcing compliance with regulations. 

Florence Okpe, spokesperson for the FRSC, issued a stern warning to violators, stressing the enforcement of traffic laws to prevent further loss of lives.

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