Royal Rebuttal: Ogun Monarch Asks Arise TV To Retract Alleged Defamation Documentary On Dende

In a striking open letter addressed to Arise Television, Oba Akintunde Akinyemi, The Eselu of Iselu Kingdom, vehemently contests allegations against Alhaji Ibrahim Egungbohun, popularly known as IBD Dende. 

The controversy was sparked by an investigative report by journalist Fisayo Soyombo, broadcasted recently on Arise Television Nigeria, accusing IBD Dende of being a notorious smuggler with government and media connections.

Oba Akinyemi, a First Class Monarch since 2005, asserts the integrity and high pedigree of Alhaji Ibrahim Egungbohun, one of his esteemed subjects. 

Dismissing the claims, he clarifies that IBD Dende is a legitimate Clearing and Forwarding Agent engaged in the lawful importation of goods and services through land borders, comparable to his counterparts utilizing established ports like Apapa.

The monarch criticizes Soyombo’s investigative methods, alleging a lack of credibility in the sources used. 

He questions the journalist’s decision to interview community members instead of collaborating with security agencies responsible for border control, such as the Nigeria Customs Service, the Directorate of State Security (DSS), and the Nigeria Police Force.

Furthermore, Oba Akinyemi admonishes Arise Television for airing the investigative report without conducting their own checks with relevant security agencies. 

He accuses the station of potentially tarnishing the reputation of law-abiding citizens by not ensuring due diligence before criticizing an innocent and prominent figure like IBD Dende.

The Eselu of Iselu Kingdom refutes the assertion that IBD Dende has been arrested multiple times, labeling it as baseless. 

He emphasizes that inviting individuals for questioning is a routine procedure, and the lack of incriminating evidence on multiple occasions indicates the legitimacy of IBD Dende’s activities.

In a passionate plea, Oba Akinyemi urges Fisayo Soyombo to cease defaming individuals like IBD Dende, emphasizing the latter’s contributions to the country’s development through employment creation for youths. 

He also questions the journalist’s absence during the Fulani terrorist attacks in Yewa Communities, redirecting attention to the actions taken by Governor Dapo Abiodun and the Ogun State House of Assembly in banning open grazing.

The monarch advocates  responsible journalism, encouraging journalists to focus on crucial issues like the development of border communities by the Border Development Commission.

 He believes that if the commission operates effectively, it can mitigate various illegal activities in border areas.

Expressing discontent with Arise Television’s presenters, Oba Akinyemi accuses them of unfairness towards people living in border areas. 

He decries the station’s hasty conclusion that IBD Dende is a significant smuggler, asserting that the claims have spread baseless and false information.

In a final plea, Oba Akinyemi implores Arise Television to retract the alleged unfounded and defamatory statements against Alhaji Ibrahim Egungbohun, threatening legal action if corrective measures are not taken promptly. 

The Eselu of Iselu Kingdom signs off, leaving the ball in Arise Television’s court to rectify the controversy surrounding IBD Dende.

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