SDP Candidate, Ajaka, Claims Election Rigged, Refuses Court Challenge Amidst Allegations

Muritala Ajaka, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate in the recent Kogi State governorship election, staunchly stated that challenging the election outcome in court would be futile, should he lose to Usman Ododo of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Alleging widespread election rigging, Ajaka accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of aiding and abetting this manipulation. 

‘ Ajaka expressed grave concerns, stating, “There was no election anywhere in the five local governments in the central area; they wrote results.”

Highlighting specific discrepancies, he pointed out that in Okene local government, over 130,000 votes were tallied, while the official count on the Biometric Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) showed less than 30,000. 

Ajaka warned of the potential fallout if such fraudulent practices were left unaddressed, fearing that future elections might plunge the country into chaos.

Expressing disillusionment with the prospect of seeking legal redress, Ajaka adamantly declared, “What am I going to court to do when the same INEC that did this is going to come as a witness to defend what they did? So it is a waste of time.”

Despite his resolve not to contest the results in court, Ajaka emphasized his disappointment, warning of potential unrest if such irregularities were left unrectified. He underscored the gravity of the situation, cautioning that allowing these injustices to persist across states could lead to chaos and anarchy in the nation.

As the aftermath of the Kogi governorship election unfolds, concerns persist about the validity and transparency of the electoral process, with Ajaka’s allegations adding to the existing debate over the integrity of Nigeria’s electoral system.

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