Security Guard Suspended As Woman Delivers Inside Taxi Due To Hospital Negligence

In a disconcerting turn of events at Imam Wali Maternity Hospital in Kano State, a pregnant woman found herself delivering her baby inside a taxi, sparking outrage and leading to the suspension of hospital security guards.

The Kano State government took decisive action against the negligence of duty, suspending the security guards attached to the hospital.

The Executive Secretary of the Kano State Hospitals Management Board, Dr. Mansur Nagoda, confirmed the suspension, highlighting the severity of the situation.

The incident unfolded when the patient’s husband desperately sought assistance, knocking on the hospital doors, only to find the security guards absent.

Frustrated and left with no alternative, he recorded a video of the distressing moment, which later went viral on social media platforms.

This shocking incident mirrored a similar case on November 26th, where another woman in labour faced a similar ordeal due to the absence of security guards.

In that instance, the husband had to rush the patient to Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital, the closest alternative, as the security guards at Imam Wali Maternity Hospital were nowhere to be found.

Responding to these grave lapses in security, Dr. Nagoda announced the immediate suspension of the negligent security guards and directed the deployment of a new set of personnel to Imam Wali Maternity Hospital.

The decision was prompted by the video that captured the woman giving birth in a vehicle, underscoring the urgency of addressing the security issues at the facility.

In addition to the security guards, three medical laboratory scientists have also faced suspension for alleged offenses ranging from gross negligence to extortion and engaging in unwanted sexual activities, particularly with patients unable to afford their hospital bills.

Dr. Nagoda emphasized the necessity of their suspension and announced the formation of a committee to conduct a thorough investigation.

Dr. Nagoda, expressing concern over the reputation of the Hospitals Management Board, issued a strong warning against any attempts to intercede in the matter.

He emphasized that the suspension of those involved in the security and medical laboratory departments is essential until a comprehensive investigation is conducted and they are either exonerated or held accountable.

Highlighting the importance of maintaining internal security systems, Dr. Nagoda stressed the need for checks on clinical proficiency, communication, and professional ethics within healthcare institutions.

The public and hospital staff were urged to be aware of the existing measures in place to ensure the well-being and safety of patients, emphasizing the commitment to maintaining high standards in healthcare delivery.


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