Shocking Confession: Father’s Chilling Plea Leads Son To Commit Patricide 

Daud Olatunji

In a harrowing revelation, 38-year-old Ifeanyichukwu Anadike admits to carrying out a gruesome act at the behest of his 100-year-old father, sparking a gruesome tale of family tragedy.

 Anasike, now in police custody in Ogun State, stands accused of brutally murdering his own father with a machete in the Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area.

The bone-chilling account unfolds as Anasike claims that he had been asked by his late father on multiple occasions to end his life. Despite vehemently resisting, he was ultimately compelled to fulfill this horrific request.

The shocking incident took place against the backdrop of an escalating family dispute. Anasike’s father, in a series of unsettling demands, insisted that his son take his life. 

This unsettling saga began in August 2021, when his father made the sinister plea during a visit to Anasike’s home in Oshodi, Lagos State.

In a display of fear and outrage, Anasike initially drove his father away, leaving onlookers bewildered by his reaction. Little did they know the sinister nature of his father’s requests.

Fast forward to November, Anasike received a notice to vacate his residence. In desperation, he confided in his father, who, ominously, repeated his disturbing request. Anasike remained resolute in his refusal.

Returning to his family home in Sango in December 2022, Anasike found himself facing the same macabre demand from his father. 

With financial constraints mounting, tensions escalated as his parents prohibited him from working. 

The situation worsened when his father threatened to cut down his only source of income – a plantain tree.

In a cruel twist of fate, Anasike’s mother provided him with a meager N700 to buy food, further highlighting his financial dependency.

 Inside his room, he overheard his parents engaged in a heated argument, with his father adamantly insisting on his sinister request.

Desperate and cornered, Anasike recounts how he reluctantly resorted to violence, wielding a cutlass against his own flesh and blood. 

He said his father had incessantly pressured him to fulfill the dreadful wish, and it culminated in this chilling act.

Regret now consumes Anasike, who laments the disbelief surrounding his father’s role in this horrifying tragedy. 

The disturbing narrative of a son driven to patricide by his father’s relentless plea paints a picture of family dysfunction pushed to its darkest depths.

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