Sokoto  Govt Asserts Sultan’s Lack Of Appointment Powers

The Sokoto State government has clarified that the Sultan of Sokoto does not possess constitutional authority to appoint any officials.

 This assertion was made by Barrister Nasiru Binji, the Commissioner of Justice, during a public hearing on the Sokoto Local Government and Chieftaincy Law 2008, held on Tuesday.

Binji highlighted that the current Chieftaincy law in the state is in direct conflict with the Nigerian constitution. 

Specifically, he pointed out the inconsistency between Section 76(2) of the Sokoto Local Government and Chieftaincy Law and Section 5(2) of the 1999 Constitution, as amended.

“Section 5(2) of the constitution stipulates that the executive power to appoint in the state is vested in the Governor directly or through his deputy, commissioners, or any government agent assigned by the Governor,” Binji explained.

 “So, there is no power given to the sultanate council to appoint. Section 76(2) of the Sokoto Local Government and Chieftaincy Law gives the sultanate council the power to appoint district and village heads in the state but with the approval of the sitting Governor. 

“So the section is inconsistent with the 1999 constitution as amended and therefore it cannot stand. Because the power to appoint is the executive power and who exercises the power, is it not the Governor? This is the reason for the amendment. To correct the mistake of the past.”

The proposed amendment aims to align state laws with constitutional mandates, ensuring that executive appointment powers remain solely with the Governor and his designated representatives.

Additionally, the public hearing addressed a bill proposing the extension of the tenure for local government chairmen to three years. 

Binji noted that this extension is intended to enable chairmen to perform their duties more effectively, providing them with a more stable and extended period to implement developmental projects and governance initiatives.

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