Soldiers Killed In Bloody Biafra Day Incident At  Aba

Residents of Aba, Abia State, are gripped with fear following a violent attack by gunmen at Obikabia junction, which resulted in the deaths of several military personnel and the destruction of their vehicles.

 The attack took place on Thursday, coinciding with Biafra Day—a day observed by Biafra agitators to mourn their fallen heroes.

The horrifying event was captured in a viral video shared on Facebook by a user identified as De Finder. 

The footage shows armed men attacking and setting fire to military patrol vans while terrified residents watched from the safety of their homes.

In the video, a lone surviving Nigerian soldier can be seen attempting to hide from the attackers after witnessing the deaths of his comrades.

 Voices of residents in the background can be heard confirming that this soldier was the only one to survive the ambush.

This brutal incident has heightened tensions in Aba, a city already on edge due to the significance of Biafra Day. 

The day is marked by various groups and individuals who remember the lives lost during the Nigerian Civil War and the continued struggles for independence.

Eyewitnesses report that the attack was sudden and highly coordinated, catching the military personnel off guard. 

The attackers, believed to be affiliated with Biafran agitators, displayed a high level of organization and intent, raising concerns about future violence and the safety of both civilians and military personnel in the region.

Local authorities have yet to release an official statement on the number of casualties or the identities of the attackers. 

However, the Nigerian Army has reportedly increased its presence in Aba, deploying additional troops and resources to prevent further incidents.

The attack has sparked a wave of anxiety among the residents of Aba, who fear a potential escalation of violence in the coming days. 

Community leaders and local officials are calling for calm and urging residents to cooperate with security forces as investigations continue.

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