Son Brutally Murders 100-Year-Old Father Over N70,000 Debt Dispute

Peace Adedigba

A shocking incident unfolded in Diamond Estate as Mathew Ifeanyi, aged 38, allegedly committed a horrifying act against his own 100-year-old father, Anthony Nnadike. 

The elderly man was gruesomely hacked to death, the brutality of the crime sending shockwaves through the community.

So-Safe Corps Commander, Soji Ganzallo, revealed the disturbing details during a press briefing on Wednesday.

 According to Ganzallo, the accused, Mathew Ifeanyi, used a machete to carry out the fatal assault on his father on Tuesday at 11, Ibikunle Street, Diamond Estate.

 The heart-wrenching incident occurred in the Olorunda Area, Ntabo, Ijoko, within the Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area.

Law enforcement swiftly intervened, and operatives of the security outfit were able to apprehend Ifeanyi. 

Ganzallo recounted that Superintendent Alabi Gafar of the Alade/Atago/Ntabo Divisional Command had received information about the ongoing attack and dispatched a patrol team to the scene.

 The team managed to save the elderly victim, Anthony Nnadike, who was immediately rushed to the nearest general hospital. Tragically, despite medical efforts, Nnadike succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead by the attending doctor.

During subsequent investigations, Ifeanyi admitted to his heinous actions. He confessed that the motive behind the gruesome crime was his father’s failure to repay a debt of N70,000. 

Reportedly entrusted with the sum since July 22, 2022, Ifeanyi claimed that his father’s inability to return the money led him to commit the heinous act.

Ganzallo revealed that Ifeanyi explained his actions by stating that he had quit his previous job to venture into his own business. 

However, financial strain and his father’s inability to provide him with the money drove him to commit the unthinkable crime.

Following his arrest and interrogation, Ifeanyi has been transferred to the Sango Divisional Police Headquarters for further investigation and potential prosecution. 

The tragic incident serves as a grim reminder of the devastating consequences that financial disputes can lead to within families.

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