South West Hausa Leaders Raise Alarm Over Potential Nationwide Violence Amid Kano Political Impasse

In a concerning development, the leadership of the Hausa communities across the South West region of Nigeria has sounded an alarm over the possibility of nationwide violence if the ongoing political crisis in Kano State is not swiftly addressed.

 This urgent call comes just days before the Supreme Court is set to deliver its verdict on the disputed governorship election in the state.

The Arewa Community, represented by the South West Hausa Traditional Rulers Association of Nigeria, emphasized the need for immediate intervention by the federal government to prevent the Kano State political crisis from escalating into a situation that could become uncontrollable. 

The association specifically called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration to ensure that politicians do not exploit legal technicalities to undermine the democratic wishes of the people of Kano.

Expressing their concerns during a meeting held in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, the South West Hausa Traditional Rulers issued a communiqué outlining their position. 

The Seriki ‘n Hausawa of Egbaland, Ibrahim Hassan Hassan, read the communiqué, highlighting the potential far-reaching implications of a crisis in Kano for a nation already grappling with various security challenges.

The association appealed to traditional rulers in Yorubaland, notably the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, His Royal Majesty, Òba (Dr.) Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, to leverage their positions in urging President Tinubu to intervene promptly. 

They warned that the federal government might face significant security challenges in Kano State if judicial technicalities were allowed to thwart the democratic wishes expressed by the people in the March 18, 2023, governorship election.

Hassan, speaking on behalf of the association, revealed that they had submitted an appeal to the palace of Oba Adedotun, intended for onward delivery to President Tinubu.

 He underscored the urgency of addressing the legal tussle in Kano, expressing fear that the crisis could not only endanger lives and property but also potentially spread to other parts of the country, drawing parallels to historical events during President Shehu Safari’s era.

“As elders and traditional rulers, we are particularly worried that our South West hardworking people might be caught up in the center of the impasse since they are in possession of various assets like houses, shops, and other businesses with immense investments,” Hassan stated.

He pleaded   for wisdom and political acumen to prevail, emphasizing the collective desire for peace and harmony.

The nation now watches closely as stakeholders await the Supreme Court’s verdict and the potential implications for the stability of Kano State and the broader Nigerian landscape.

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