Soyinka Accuses   LP Of  Deceptive Tactics In 2023 Election

In a scathing revelation, Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka has exposed the leadership of the Labour Party (LP), asserting that they were fully aware of Peter Obi’s loss in the 2023 presidential election.

 Soyinka accused the opposition party’s leadership of ruthlessly attempting to impose a fabricated narrative on Nigerians, particularly the nation’s youth, by falsely claiming Obi’s victory.

Speaking passionately during an event titled “The Lives of Wole Soyinka — A Dialogue” hosted by Africa in the World, Soyinka minced no words in condemning LP’s actions. 

He reiterated his unwavering commitment to truth, emphasizing the danger of shortcuts and deceit in politics.

Soyinka, armed with historical context, drew parallels to his past actions. 

He recalled his audacious takeover of a radio station in Ibadan in 1965, emphasizing that he based his actions on irrefutable facts, not unreliable third-hand information, as LP seemingly did in 2023.

With fierce determination, Soyinka accused the LP of hijacking the organized labor movement in the lead-up to the 2023 election.

 While acknowledging Peter Obi’s groundbreaking achievement in challenging the political duopoly of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he asserted that Obi had, in fact, come in third place, not even second.

In a chilling revelation, Soyinka alleged that the LP leadership had nefarious plans to incite young people into protesting the election’s outcome under the guise of falsehoods and deception.

Expressing his readiness to stand up for truth, Soyinka cautioned against the disastrous consequences of a government formed on the foundation of lies and intimidation, pointing out that LP leaders were unwittingly manipulated by clandestine forces advocating for an interim government even before the elections commenced.

This revelation comes in the wake of a contentious exchange between Soyinka and LP vice-presidential candidate Datti Baba-Ahmed regarding the outcome of the presidential election. 

Baba-Ahmed’s controversial comments sparked outrage, with Soyinka condemning the use of “fascistic language” and threats against the judiciary on national television. 

The fallout from these explosive allegations continues to reverberate across the political landscape.

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