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SPECIAL REPORT : Abandoned Multi-Billion Naira 250-Bed Specialist Hospital Sparks Anger, Sorrow Amidst Health Crisis In Ogun 

CSO Threatens Peaceful Protest As PDP, AA Kick

DAUD OLATUNJI, Editor, examines the contentious 250-bed specialist hospital constructed during Ibikunle Amosun’s administration. Astonishingly, this hospital has remained unused by Dapo Abiodun’s government for more than four years, despite reports of over N5 billion spent solely on its equipment.

A recent inspection of the Oke-Mosan site, where the facility stands, reveals the disheartening state of this multi-billion naira project, which is deteriorating while many people in the state and beyond continue to experience a dire need for healthcare facilities.

In the heart of Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun State, a multi-billion naira specialist hospital stands as a symbol of both hope and despair.

 For over four years, the 250-bed facility, the first of its kind in Nigeria, has been left to decay, shrouded in neglect and bureaucracy, while a state in dire need of healthcare services watches in anguish.

This healthcare project was initially conceived and largely completed during the tenure of former governor Ibikunle Amosun. 

It was a vision to transform the healthcare landscape of Ogun State, bringing modern medical facilities and services to the people. However, with a change in leadership, the fate of this ambitious undertaking took a disheartening turn.

Dapo Abiodun, who assumed office as the governor of Ogun State in 2019, inherited this remarkable healthcare infrastructure. The project had reached 80 percent completion when Governor Abiodun took the reins. Yet, the once-promising vision has since been marred by a lack of progress and action.

Governor Abiodun’s administration initiated the search for investors to help bring the hospital to life through a concessioning arrangement. It was a sensible step to ensure the facility would serve its intended purpose.

 However, it became apparent that the government failed to secure the trust and commitment of potential investors.The hospital, equipped with over N7 billion worth of medical equipment, remained locked and underutilized, a stark reminder of the taxpayers’ investment that was slowly going to waste.

In the midst of this alarming situation, a cloud of frustration and anger has settled over Ogun State. The people, who have long yearned for improved healthcare services, feel let down by the abandonment of this state-of-the-art medical facility.

Many people who spoke with PLATFORM TIMES lamented that the  government’s silence on the fate of this project only deepens their  sorrow . They  said they are left to wonder if their hopes for better healthcare were merely empty promises. 

PLATFORM TIMES observed that as  the facility continues to deteriorate, the future of this multi-billion naira specialist hospital remains uncertain.

    …The Profile Of The Facility 

According to the documents shared by both Amosun and Abiodun’s governments about the hospital, it was designed to be the apex medical  facility in the South West  region.

It was reportedly designed that the hospital could  begin operations as a 60-bed Acute Surgical and Outpatient Centre With critical care capabilities delivered at the public and private health care levels.

The facility offers emergency stabilisation for cases before evacuation where necessary, the scalable delivery approach of the project provides immediate commissioning and operation start up while minimizing investment requirement for completion,the hospital provides immediate value as a Diagnostic and Surgical referral center for the State.

The hospital also provides a surgical internship location for medical students at Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital (OOUTH) and School of Nursing. It provides a facility for premium private healthcare delivery and partnership with visiting regional and international Medical teams to Ogun state.

According to the documents from the governments,the hospital is equipped to provide Radiology Diagnostic, Laboratory, Accident and Emergency, Maternal & Childcare services, Oncology &Nephrology services, Surgical services and Outpatient Clinics.

Further findings revealed that there  are four operating suites, a 10-bed intensive Care ward, a 5-bed Neo-natal intensive Care ward, and 5 delivery suites.

The then government had said that  the key objective is the delivery of quality healthcare service to the public at an affordable price.

It had said that the operational management model will employ an outright service sourcing model.

The facility is equipped with medical gasses piped to every bedhead Unit as part of the equipment procurement contract. The gas production plant 

has excess capacity which will adequately provide a revenue stream with the commercialisation of the plant.

The Outpatient services, Accident and Emergency room, 4 Operating Theatre, Radiology, Adult  intensive Care Unit, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Central Sterile, Administration and Services on Basement and 2 Floors are ready for commissioning.

It was added that power requirements wil be supplied by 100kvA and 500 KvA generators which have been installed.

Upon his assumption of office, Abiodun approved the publication which sought to concessioning the multi-billion naira hospital to private companies or individuals.

In the document signed by Abiodun’s Economic Adviser  and Commissioner for Finance, Dapo Okubadejo, the government announced that the project was 82 % completion.

 The document further stated “an opportunity exists to invest in a 250-bed hospital situated in Abeokuta. 

“The four-storey 18,000 Sqm building is intended to serve as a specialist care center for the state. The project is currently at 82% completion.

“The hospital facility is located along ibrahim Babangida Boulevard, Oke- Mosan, Abeokuta. The 4-storey is constructed on nine  hectares of land with additional land designated for future expansion and development  of a medical village and staff accommodation.

“The facility is designed to provide high quality advanced secondary clinical and diagnostic services to the citizens of Ogun State, the immediate environs and medical tourists.”

 … Current State Of Facility Shows Hospital In Disrepair

During a recent visit by PLATFORM TIMES to the hospital, it was evident that the premises had become overgrown with weeds, and the gates were securely locked. 

There appeared to be no activities taking place within the facility. However, a short distance away from the hospital, some traders were spotted, waiting for their clients, likely drawn to the location due to its proximity to the NIN building.

PLATFORM TIMES learned that entry was prohibited by the security personnel responsible for safeguarding the heavy equipment. Furthermore, it was observed that the paint was peeling, and cracks had developed on the walls.

Regrettably, PLATFORM TIMES was unable to assess the condition of the equipment due to the gates being locked.


Unearthing the Potential: The Loss of the Multi-Billion Naira Hospital in Abeokuta

Abeokuta, the capital city of the  State, Nigeria, has long been a hub of development and progress. Yet, nestled within the city is a multi-billion naira 250-bed specialist hospital with immense untapped potential, currently locked and untamed by Dapo Abiodun’s administration. 

PLATFORM TIMES confirmed that the situation of this hospital is one of missed opportunities, unfulfilled promises, and a healthcare void waiting to be filled.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered through the publication of Ogun State government under Abiodun, that Amosun’s government  has done over 80% work.

It was further gathered from another source that the previous government had  paid about 5 Billion, but, the incumbent government had yet to pay the remaining N2b.

According to the source,the variation of the balance has gone back to N7b again, because of the neglect.

The contractor handling the project was reported to have written some letters to the government, proposing N100m monthly payment but Abiodun was said to have  ignored.

It was further gathered that the firm had been maintaining  the machines in the hospital in the last four years with its own fund.

Findings showed that  all equipment, machinery, materials, among others that would make the hospital work to its optimal capacity have been delivered to the site due to  the initial payment and assurance by the then  government. But, things went awry, after Amosun left the office .

An expert and a source said the hospital would have been the second best government hospital in Nigeria, after  the Abuja University.

The company handling the project is said to have  equipped many hospitals in West Africa

More facts  revealed that the scale of this loss becomes evident. A 250-bed hospital adequately staffed, has the potential to employ a vast workforce, serving both the healthcare industry and the community at large. 

The question arises: How many doctors, nurses, and support staff could have been providing medical services to the people of Abeokuta and beyond?

Additionally, the hospital’s location holds the key to its untapped success. Nestled in an estate with a potentially thriving environment, it stands not far from a train station. 

This strategic location could have attracted patients from across the region, who would opt to take a short train journey to receive medical care at a world-class facility. However, due to its current locked state, this immense potential remains unrealized.

A quick Google search confirms that such a facility is a rarity in the country. The absence of a hospital of this size not only deprives the community of top-notch medical services but also denies the nation the opportunity to establish a world-class healthcare center.

The previous administration, made commendable efforts to elevate the hospital to its current status. Governor Abiodun acknowledges the efforts invested by the previous administration. Yet, the facility continues to remain underutilized.

Many Nigerians  who spoke with PLATFORM TIMES submitted that the  story of the multi-billion naira hospital in Abeokuta is not just about the loss of money and resources; it is a tale of a healthcare oasis lost in the sands of bureaucracy and indecision. 

The potential to serve the people, generate revenue, and elevate the city’s status is there, waiting to be unlocked. The estate around it, the strategic location near a train station, and the absence of a similar facility in Nigeria all point to a missed opportunity.

Contractor Dismisses Misinformation Over  Alleged Looting Of  Equipment 

 A  contractor, involved in the construction of the 250-bed hospital in Abeokuta, who pleaded anonymity vehemently denied allegations that the hospital lacks essential medical equipment. The contractor refuted these claims, asserting that the hospital is well-equipped with cutting-edge medical facilities.

The controversy surrounding the hospital’s equipment arose when a doctor at Oba Ademola Hospital expressed doubt about the availability of equipment at the new facility. According to the contractor, this skepticism stems from misunderstandings and a lack of updated information.

“I was at Oba Ademola Hospital a few days ago, and I mentioned the 250-bed hospital to a doctor. He said that there is no equipment there anymore. When Buhari came and after he left, they moved away the equipment. I said that is a big lie,” the contractor revealed.

In an effort to dispel the doubts, the contractor  said he presented photographic evidence of the state-of-the-art medical equipment at the hospital. He  further said that he  invited the skeptical doctor to visit the facility in person and witness the equipment firsthand.

On the issue of financial details, the contractor emphasized, “I don’t have all the figures; my focus is on the medical equipment. The investment in medical facilities is substantial.”

 Despite the rumours and doubts that swirled around, he added that a dedicated team ensured that every vital piece of equipment remained in place.

Amidst the whispers of missing equipment, the  contractor boldly proclaimed, “all the equipment are still there.

 “The CTC is there, other equipment apart from MRI are there, even, ultrasound is there”.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that access to oxygen had become a lifeline in many hospitals in Nigeria.

Responding,the contractor continued,”the plant that can generate oxygen is there,” the contractor proudly declared. In a world where 

PDP Calls For Urgent Action On Abandoned Specialist Hospital

The Ogun State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is once again drawing attention to the long-neglected specialist hospital project, expressing their concerns over the lack of action from the state government.

 Akinloye Bankole, the PDP Publicity Secretary for Ogun State, emphasized the importance of utilizing the existing progress on the hospital project to address the pressing medical and health needs of the people. 

He stated that the completion of this hospital would provide much-needed relief to the health challenges faced by residents who currently seek treatment outside the state.

Bankole  expressed disappointment with the state’s current leadership, describing them as “incompetent and clueless.” 

He asserted that they have failed to grasp the fundamental principles of how a government should serve and work for the benefit of its citizens.

The PDP in the  State has put forward a vision of a responsive government that not only capitalizes on the progress achieved on the hospital project but also introduces innovative ideas to expand its scope and operational capacity.

 Bankole stressed that this is the hallmark of a responsible government dedicated to enhancing the well-being of its people.

The   PDP said it  remains committed to holding the government accountable for the delivery of essential public services and addressing the healthcare needs of the state’s residents, hoping for a brighter and more responsible leadership in the future.

Action Alliance Leader Expresses Concern Over Abandoned State Project

 The leader of the Action Alliance, Hon. Dapo Adeyemi, has expressed his disappointment over the abandonment of a significant project that promises to benefit not only the people of the State but the entire South West region.

Adeyemi, who heads the Action Alliance, shared his deep concerns regarding the current administration’s decision to halt progress on this monumental project without providing a clear explanation to the citizens.

“It’s unfortunate that such a gigantic project, that is of benefit to not only the people of the State but the entire South West, has been left in a state of limbo,” stated Hon. Dapo Adeyemi. 

He went on to emphasize that the project’s potential positive impact on the region cannot be overstated.

Adeyemi made a passionate appeal to the present administration, urging them to reconsider their decision and prioritize the completion of the project before the end of their tenure.

 The project’s completion, he argued, would not only serve the immediate community but also contribute to the overall development of the State and the South West as a whole.

The people of the State eagerly await a response from the administration regarding the fate of this vital project, which has the potential to shape the future of the entire region.

Neglected Healthcare Facility Sparks Civil Society Outcry in Ogun 

In a candid statement, Bankole Solomon, the Ogun State Coordinator of the Civil Society Organisations, expressed his concern over the dire state of a crucial healthcare project in the region. 

Solomon lamented the lack of a maintenance culture and criticized the apparent insensitivity of the present Ogun State government to the desires and expectations of the electorate.

“It’s quite unfortunate that we lack a maintenance culture, and the present government of Ogun State is not sensitive enough to the feelings and yearnings of the masses that voted for them,” said Solomon.

The project in question, described as “gigantic,” stands abandoned, despite the pressing need for improved healthcare services in the state.

 Solomon highlighted the sluggish pace of healthcare delivery, emphasizing the urgent need for such infrastructure.

“The CSO would beam our searchlight onto the activities of the Ministry of Health,” Solomon declared.

He warned that if no concrete steps are taken to complete the project, the Civil Society Organisation would have no choice but to mobilize for peaceful protests. 

The CSO plans to take their demands to the government house and the house of assembly, seeking redress for this critical issue.

 … More Nigerians React, Express Anger 

Many Nigerians who shared their sorrow and displeasure over Abiodun’s neglect of the facility, advised the government to put the facility to use .

In her reaction, a respondent, simply identified as Tope while advising the state government,said, “they should relocate state hospital ijaiye to the place and  privatise some specialist departments.”

An activist, Bar. Soliu luqman while reacting said “It is a serious setback that the current administration of Prince Dapo Abiodun has not been able to facilitate any significant health project other than some repainted maternity or health centres for more than four  years and could not even complete the existing projects due to insensitivity to people’s plight.

” It seems the administration is just not ready for any abiding project because even, the roads he constructed within a year, got destroyed within months, example is the section in front of Optima filling station Iporo-Ake, Abeokuta, which has been badly damaged by the end of October 2023 when the road was actually constructed in January/February 2023.

“It is sad that instead of the government to expedite action on the completion of the Oke-mosan 250-bed hospital to compliment FMC, OOUTH and State hospitals, the administration leaves the hospital debasing.”

For Abdul Qadri Ogunwoolu, “Government of today makes some infrastructures but are not put into use; it is as good as nothing is built and a wastage of resources. 

“Another example is the boast made by the state government that it has built more housing units than all previous state governors combined but without direct impact, all the housing units are under lock and keys. So pathetic.”

While sharing his views, Ven.Samson Popoola , the state Chairman of the Police Community Relations Committee, said,”the present government should resolve all issues surrounding that edifice and put the hospital to use….its been over four  years now…..Abeokuta deserves a specialist hospital and in the spirit of continuity in governance we must find a way round all bottlenecks on that project and the opposite secretariat extension complex too.”

For Nwanosike Donald Otito, he said “If the government doesn’t have any further clue on what to do with the hospital, they should sell it off to private individuals that are worthy of making the hospital work again.”

Imam Abdul Sabur Amolegbe, in his opinion, said “are these called leaders resourceful or wasteful? Hence, they turn public office to personal possession and forget tomorrow call Death , resurrection and accountability.”

Tunde Olaleye while sharing his opinion, said, “each time I pass through the area, I look at the magnificent edifice and pity our condition in this state. If you go there, you’ll notice the gradual deterioration happening to the building. I don’t know what to say but to join the popular saying of Nigerians who question whom has been offended for the ugly situation we find ourselves, ‘Ta la se’. 

“I can’t imagine how that hospital if put to use could have impacted on the health sector. Imagine how many citizens would also have been taken away from the labour market, should the place be in operation. 

“I can only beg the present government to be magnanimous and put aside whatever differences that  exist between him and his predecessor. 

“He should consider the benefit his government too stands to derive by putting the place to use. Whatever needs to be done should be fast tracked before the place finally becomes a shamble.”

Adeola Adeshina, simply wrote ” So bad.”

Babatunde Kolawole, in his view said, “Immediate past governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun should be summoned  for the abandoned elephant project that gulped millions of Ogun state tax payers money.”

For Tajudeen Alao, the state coordinator of Muslim Rights Concerns in the state, the situation is “so pathetic.” 

Ganiu Sheu simply said “Wasteful and lack of continuity on the part of the current government.”

Also sharing his views, Adams Salawu, said “It is unfortunate we now have a government that can talk, but not work. 

“With the resources already committed, a sensitive, rational, responsible and responsive government would have taken necessary steps to ensure citizens derive the expected utility from such social service. It’s sad, they don’t want to do anything with projects of the immediate past administration unless they have no choice like the case with bridge/road in front of Lawson Schools in Kuto.”


Allegation Of Construction Of Another Facility By Abiodun 

PLATFORM TIMES, however, was unable to verify the claim that Abiodun has initiated the construction of another hospital facility in the same Oke-Mosan area, potentially in competition with the previously abandoned one.

Our team at PLATFORM TIMES visited the alleged project site situated near the Golf Clubhouse, in close proximity to the second gate of the governor’s office in Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, and observed active construction work taking place.

Despite our visit, PLATFORM TIMES was unable to engage with any individuals at the site to gather more information regarding the allegation.

 …OGSG Keeps Mum 

Meanwhile, frantic efforts to communicate with the officials of the state government proved unsuccessful.

Several key officials of the state government, including the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Tomi Coker; the Economic Adviser to the governor and the Commissioner for Finance,Dapo Okubadejo  along with the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Lekan Adeniran, were contacted via messages in an attempt to obtain the official government’s perspective. However, they have not yet responded to the messages.


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