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SPECIAL REPORT: Economy Paralyzed In Ogun: 20 Communities Struggle Amidst Collapsed Bridge,Flood Havoc

Daud Olatunji

Welcome to Surulere Parapo Community in Ogun State where economy activities have been paralysed due to the collapsed bridge and deplorable road.

The once vibrant and bustling Surulere Parapo community, nestled in the heart of Ogun State, is now grappling with economic paralysis, as a collapsed bridge and flooding wreak havoc on the livelihoods of its residents.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the very infrastructure that once promised connectivity and growth has turned into a barrier, stifling economic activities and leaving 20 neighbouring communities in dire straits.

Findings showed that ,the Surulere Parapo community which was established three decades ago, flourished as its residents invested in land and housing, fostering development.

However, the river, once a mere stream during the dry season, now transforms into a formidable force during the rainy season.

Further findings revealed that the bridge, a lifeline constructed by former Governor Gbenga Daniel and ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives Dimeji Bankole two decades ago, is now in disrepair, leaving half the road impassable.

Imam Abdulrasaq Ayeniromo, the community leader, laments that daily life for about 20 communities, including Surulere Itesiwaju, Surulere Oke-lantoro; Iranlowo Oluwa ; Oke-IMA; Irewole Community, Toluwalase Oke-Odo ; Agbedi Community ; Ilagbe and Aladesanmi, is severely disrupted.

He said that commuters either navigate treacherous paths or face the risk of using the deteriorating bridge.

Ayeniromo pleads with the government to address the 20-year-old road and bridge urgently.

In the aftermath of the last flooding incident, Ayeniromo reveals that at least 25 houses suffered damage, resulting in millions of naira in property losses.

Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the toll on the local economy is substantial.

He said the blame is directed at the construction in Fajol in Obantoko, alleging that poor water management channeled water to Asero, Aladesanmi, down to Odo-Eran, Abiola-Way, and Abeokuta.

PLATFORM TIMES observed that the economic fallout is evident in the closure of shops, with shop owners facing diminished sales.

Motorcyclists we’re also forced to take alternative routes, and had to increase the fares from N150 to N200.

The Pepper-Seller, once bustling with customers, now laments the decline in sales due to the abandoned bridge, echoing the plea for government intervention.

A Fashion Designer, Mrs Rahman whose livelihood depends on patronage, expresses frustration at the lack of customers, appealing for prompt government action.

Also lamenting, the Point of Sales (POS) operator, Deji Awobade who’s aid he has spent five years in the community, urges authorities to address the unprecedented situation.

A Provision Seller, Iya Tawa and Vulcanizer, Bayo both grappling with dwindling income, join the chorus of appeals to the State government led by Dapo Abiodun, pleading for the reconstruction of the bridge to restore normalcy to their lives and businesses.

The once-thriving Surulere Parapo community now stands at the crossroads of economic stagnation, and its residents, resilient in the face of adversity, look to the government for a lifeline to rebuild and revitalize their beloved community.

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