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SPECIAL REPORT: Eyinwa : A Village Trapped In Darkness, Neglect, Broken Promises

Despite an almost N100m government-funded project aimed at rural electrification for the whole community of Eyinwa, Odogbolu Local Government of Ogun State; the community is still shrouded with tenebrous darkness. 

This report unravels the concealed realities behind some of this project, presenting a stark and gritty portrayal of the community hardships. ENOCH OYEDIBU  reports.

The Community Survived On Solar Power 

As the first rays of the sun kissed the face of Eyinwa, Deji, in his early twenties, held a 72v solar panel system, emblematic of the community’s makeshift power solution. Despite a government-funded project of over N60m and a proposed N100m budget, the reality on the ground paints a different picture.

“This place has been without electricity since the years it has been established. We charge through solar or few people that put on generator,” Deji revealed, encapsulating the struggles of Eyinwa.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the  promised electrification project, entangled in bureaucratic complexities, left the community grappling with darkness. 

The lawmaker  representing Odogbolu constituency, Lukman Adeleye while speaking with PLATFORM TIMES, shared the hurdles faced, including a lack of cash backup that hindered progress. 

He gave the hint that  the 2024 budget seems to overlook Eyinwa, but, due to his last minute protest and efforts, hope is  lingering  as he  vows to champion the cause.

Eyinwa: “Prime Star” and Nightmare

Eyinwa, once a prime star of Odogbolu, last enjoyed the dividends of governance in 2004/2005 when Gbenga Daniel’s administration constructed the now deteriorated palm-fringed road.

 Despite its significance as the home of notable figures and proximity to educational and agricultural centers, Eyinwa remains ensnared in a century-old darkness.

PLATFORM TIMES uncovered the harsh realities during a 72-hour immersion. Basic amenities, such as electricity, healthcare, and water supply, are luxuries. 

PLATFORM TIMES observed that the sole healthcare center, devoid of nurses during the visit, transforms into a gathering spot for farmers in the evening.

During the 72 hours stay of this reporter, it was observed that  at night, Eyinwa succumbs to fear. Generators occasionally pierce the eerie silence, but the darkness prevails. 

It was also observed that Eyinwa Primary School stands as a testament to neglect, with decimated structures, latrine toilets, and an air thick with the stench of neglect.

One of the residents, Hassan revealed the community’s attempt at self-sufficiency in power generation through collective contributions, a system long gone. 

He alleged that the promised transformer which was  a beacon of hope from the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party  in 2023,  Ladi Adebutu, now stands as a symbol of unfulfilled promises.

He added that the palm-fringed road, once a symbol of connection, now poses a challenge to Eyinwa’s development. Every step on this path mirrors the uncertainty faced by the community, reminiscent of a jigsaw puzzle missing pieces.

As Eyinwa languishes in darkness, the echoes of unfulfilled promises and bureaucratic entanglements reverberate through the palm-fringed road, telling a tale of a village trapped in the shadows of neglect.


Historic Moment For  Eyinwa As Electricity Reaches Ancient Village

In a groundbreaking development, the remote coastal village that has existed since time immemorial is set to embrace a new era as electricity finally makes its debut. 

Residents of this community, located on the border with Lagos, are about to witness the transformative power of electricity for the very first time since its invention.

This historic milestone comes after years of living without the basic amenity of electricity.

 The community, which boasts of  an ancient lineage comparable to surrounding areas, has been in existence as long as its neighboring counterparts. 

Despite being home to notable individuals like Prof Oshokoya from the University of Ibadan and Captain Bola Nuga, a former Commissioner and LG of Odogbolu, the lack of electricity has been a persistent challenge.

However, the absence of electricity has remained a stark contrast in their otherwise growing landscape.

This coastal settlement, separated by the Itokin river, shares its boundaries with both Lagos and the neighbouring community of Itokin.

 Despite its relatively modest size of no fewer than 50 houses, the impact of the lack of electricity has been keenly felt by its predominantly farming and fishing population.

One of the key highlights of this community is the presence of the FUNAAB research center, focusing on agriculture.

 The absence of electricity has not only affected the daily lives of the locals but has also posed challenges to the functioning of the research center, hindering progress in agricultural practices.

Local authorities, including former Commissioner Captain Bola Nuga, expressed their excitement at this transformative development.

Explaining the situation to PLATFORM TIMES,Adeleye said “they have never experienced electricity since it was created.

“The community was also blessed with a road during Gbenga Daniel’s administration in 2004/2005.

“This community hosts the FUNAAB research center where their farm settlements are located. Many individuals also have large plantation farms. It is a border town with Lagos and a coastal village separated by water.

“It is an ancient community, as old as the surrounding communities.

“It is a community under ward 6 in Ayepe, sharing a border with Ayepe. It is a coastal community that also shares a border with Lagos.

“It is a coastal and border boundary with Lagos, sharing a boundary with Lagos and being a neighboring community with Itokin.

“It is not a large community, separated by the Itokin River. It is an agrarian community hosting a significant Agric research center owned by FUNAAB. 

“The people are predominantly farmers and fishermen. It has no fewer than 50 houses but has a serious impact.

“The community has some notable sons and daughters, including Prof. Oshokoya, a renowned professor from the University of Ibadan; Captain Bola Nuga, former LG of Odogbolu; the Awofalas, both junior and senior.

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