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SPECIAL REPORT : Tragedy Strikes Ogun: 25 Lives Lost  After Deadly Local Gin Consumption


In a harrowing turn of events that has left the entire Ogun state in shock, a staggering 25 lives have been tragically cut short within a mere span of one week, all linked to the consumption of a mysterious local gin. DAUD OLATUNJI,Editor, captures the mood .

Among the victims, six close friends shared a common fate, falling victim to the lethal effects of an unidentified brand of local gin.


The devastation has left an indelible mark on five distinct locations, spreading its sinister grip across three local government areas of Ogun state. 


The swift and unrelenting wave of fatalities, triggered by the consumption of this poisoned or contaminated local gin, paints a grim picture. 


The heart-wrenching statistics reveal that 13 souls were lost in the vicinity of Ogbogbo, Atan-Ijebu, echoing the loss of life in Emuren, Fari Express, Onirugba, Ijebu-Ode, and Imagbon, Odogboolu local government area, each claiming three precious lives.


In a tragic twist, investigations have unveiled that the 13 individuals who met their untimely demise in Ogbogbo at Atan, Ijebu-North East area of Ogun state, were not merely victims of circumstance, but a group of friends and companions.

 Their companionship led them to share a seemingly innocent moment, imbibing a local gin, known colloquially as ‘Sepe,’ from a single cup at their habitual gathering spot.


The toll this calamity has taken on families, friendships, and the entire community is immeasurable. 


As authorities strive to unravel the mystery behind this deadly local gin and the circumstances surrounding its production, one thing remains painfully clear: Ogun state has been united in grief, facing a devastating loss that demands answers, accountability, and a swift response to prevent further tragedy.


Survivor’s Tale: Narrow Escape From Jaws Of Death


In a heart-wrenching account of survival against all odds, Akinola Adekoya, a survivor who narrowly escaped the clutches of death, emerged as a testament to the treacherous effects of the either contaminated or poisonous gin.


 Adekoya’s harrowing experience unfolded in the aftermath of a joint drink with his friends, an occasion that would turn into a tragic nightmare.


It was within the realm of mere hours that the poison took its sinister hold on him, causing him to endure agonizing hours of purging—a brutal reaction to the lethal concoction he had consumed.


 However, fate intervened in the form of medical treatment that managed to reverse the devastating effects, ultimately saving his life.


Reliving the horrifying incident and recounting his close brush with death, 44-year-old Adekoya shared that he was one among a group of friends and colleagues who partook in the fateful drink.


 This communal gathering spot, owned by the trader Mrs. Osabele, fondly referred to as Mama Comfort, had transformed into a hub for artisans from various disciplines, converging to seek camaraderie and opportunities.


Adekoya, a skilled bricklayer, elucidated that this congregation of artisans was not just about drinks but also a pivotal networking avenue. 


As they imbibed, they solidified contracts and secured job offers, with prospective clients gathering to avail themselves of services ranging from carpentry to bricklaying and even farming.


He recounted, “We are a diverse group, including bricklayers, carpenters, welders, and laborers.


 Each morning, we’d gather at this joint for refreshments, and from there, we’d seize opportunities and proceed to our respective job sites.”


Within this group, one individual stood as the prime suspect: Seyi Onasanya, the alleged purveyor of the ‘killer drink.’ Adekoya revealed that Seyi had been relegated by the others, who saw him as unreliable and troublesome.


 Their reservations to include him in their work outings had created resentment, marking him as an outsider.


“Seyi often resented being left out when we went to work sites, although he’d receive money when he asked,” Adekoya added.


The fateful Sunday, however, would forever change their lives. Seyi, the very person they had distanced themselves from, presented the concoction that would lead to tragedy. 


They partook in the drink from the same cup, a seemingly innocuous gesture that would unravel into a horrifying sequence of events.


Soon after, a cascade of deaths sent shockwaves through their close-knit group. In a matter of hours spanning Sunday to Monday, five friends met their untimely demise. 


Meanwhile, Adekoya found himself wracked with discomfort and severe purging, prompting a desperate race against time to secure medical intervention.


Investigations uncovered a grim truth: 13 lives were lost in the Ogbogbo community, victims of the deadly drink, with countless others hospitalized in its wake.


Adekoya’s survival story serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the ruthless consequences that can emerge from seemingly trivial decisions. 


As the community grapples with the aftermath, the pain of loss is met with a renewed urgency to uncover the truth, seeking justice for those who paid the ultimate price for a drink that turned out to be a poison.


…  Grim Toll Strikes Imagbon, Fari Express, Onirugba,Others 


In an appalling sequence of events that defies comprehension, death’s relentless grip has left a trail of destruction across Imagbon, Fari Express, Onirugba, and more, sending shockwaves through Ogun state.


A mere twenty-four hours after the Ogbogbo tragedy, yet another heart-rending incident unfurled in Imagbon town. 


The community bore witness to the swift and ruthless toll of the either contaminated or poisonous gin, as three lives were snuffed out in an agonizingly short span. Baba Ige, an alcohol seller known to the locals, brought doom to his doorstep, inviting two unsuspecting friends to sample a fresh batch of gin. 


The repercussions were catastrophic, as all three fell victim to the poison’s grip within minutes of consuming the deadly elixir.


In a gut-wrenching revelation, a source, speaking under a shroud of anonymity, unveiled that the trio grappled with stomach pain and dizziness before meeting their untimely demise. 


Despite the urgency of their plight, help remained elusive, and their lives were stolen away.


The deaths rippled further as another bleak chapter unfolded. On the heels of the Ogbogbo catastrophe, three more lives were claimed at Fari Express, Ijebu-Ode. 


Balo, Ojiba, and Ikale—companions united by friendship—partook in a joint drink only to fall prey to the sinister effects that would manifest over the following days.


 The tale followed a grimly familiar pattern: stomach pain, dizziness, and an inexorable decline into death’s embrace. In this tragic trilogy, one individual managed to cling to life, hospitalized but ultimately succumbing to the same cruel symptoms.


The threads of this narrative converged on a shared tragedy: public drinking joints that transformed into harbingers of death. Nine souls were stolen across Emuren, Onirugba, and Fari Express.


As the community reeled from the horrors, an ominous specter emerged. Oro deity, a spiritual entity, made a haunting appearance on a Tuesday night—a testament to the gravity of the situation and the desperate search for answers.


In the wake of these tragedies, voices rose in unison, demanding action and answers. Ademola Adelaja’s poignant words underscored the urgency to scrutinize potentially poisonous alcohol brands, urging NAFDAC officials to investigate and test the lethal drinks.


Amid the despair, Okeshola Sidikat’s personal connection to the deceased cast a somber light on the scope of the tragedy. From mechanic to bikeman, each victim carried a story, a life suddenly extinguished by an unsuspecting sip.


The Baale of Ogbogbo Ijebu, Chief Bamijoko, stood as a voice of reason amidst the chaos, reflecting on the unthinkable events that had shattered the community’s peace. 


His pursuit of justice led to the arrest of the prime suspect, a man who had seemingly threatened the lives of those he targeted. Chief Bamijoko’s quest for truth and accountability remained unwavering.


As Ogun state grapples with an unfathomable loss, the legacy of these incidents serves as a stark reminder that even in the pursuit of camaraderie and solace, danger can lurk, waiting to unleash its deadly grip. 


In these dark times, the resilience of the community shines, urging a united call for justice and a solemn promise to remember those who fell victim to a poisoned elixir that forever changed their lives.


Tragedy Strikes Tamaya, Igbogbo: Mourning the Losses Unleashed by Poisoned Alcohol


Chief Abayomi Osilagun, the revered Olori-Ilu of Tamaya, Igbogbo, finds his community grappling with an unthinkable horror.


 What began as a seemingly ordinary day took a sinister turn, as a gathering of friends ended in the wake of a poisoned drink, leaving in its wake a trail of death and sorrow.


The heart-wrenching tale unfolded with a chilling speed. Reports surfaced on Sunday that an evening of shared camaraderie had taken a devastating toll.


 But it was only on Monday that the grim reality emerged: lives had been lost, victims of an insidious brew.


Initially, the connection between the gathering and the drink seemed inconceivable. 


Rumors of fatalities swirled, met with skepticism until the evidence became undeniable. 


As the community converged on the scene, their anguish became palpable, confirming the harrowing truth that five souls had indeed perished.


In a race against time to seek justice and answers, the community’s urgency led them to Atan’s police station, their plight echoing through the corridors of authority. 


The District Police Inspector (DPI) joined the pursuit of truth, driven by the gravity of the situation.


A woman, a familiar presence in the community for over three decades, stands at the heart of this calamity. 


Her trade, the sale of alcohol, took a sinister turn as a seemingly innocuous drink became the harbinger of death.


 The devastating twist lies in the fact that this fatal brew was shared among friends, a bond of camaraderie that only magnified the tragedy.


Tamaya, Igbogbo, a community of farmers and traders, stands united in their grief, confronting an unspeakable loss that has shaken the very foundations of their daily lives.


 In the midst of this sorrow, the community’s resilience shines through, demanding answers, seeking justice, and ensuring that the lives lost will not fade into obscurity, forever remembered as victims of a poison that forever altered the course of their shared journey.



Solomon Awonuga, A Community Leader Reflects


Solomon Awonuga, a community leader at the heart of “Small London,” takes us on a poignant journey through the echoes of a longstanding community, rich in history and unity. 


As both indigenes and non-indigenes coexist as one family, a tragic turn of events has shattered the tranquility that has defined this place since before the era of independence.


The narrative carries a weight that’s deeply felt. Awonuga’s roots are firmly entrenched in this community, a place he was not only born but also nurtured.


 As he retraces the steps of that fateful Sunday, a chilling account emerges, leaving a trail of devastation that has left the entire community in turmoil.


Though absent on that Sunday, Awonuga’s return on Monday plunged him into the heart of a nightmare. 


The news of death had spread, casting a shadow of sorrow over the once-vibrant landscape.


 A grim procession to the hospital ensued, as lives hung in the balance. Amid the uncertainty, some were discharged, while others met a tragic fate.


In the midst of this darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged—words of an antidote that bore the name “Aporo.” Awonuga’s account reveals a community rallying, a testament to resilience in the face of adversity.


 The antidote, administered in an attempt to quell the anguish, bore witness to both survival and loss, a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the lengths a community will go to preserve it.


“Small London” stands as more than a place; it’s a tapestry of stories, dreams, and shared experiences. 


As the community grapples with the aftermath of this unspeakable tragedy, the unity that has long defined it remains unbroken.


 Amid the pain and the questions, Solomon Awonuga’s reflection serves as a poignant reminder of the strength that emerges when a community stands as one, even in the face of the darkest of days.


Adulterated Killer Drink Claims Lives, Police Launch Investigation

In the wake of  the  heart-wrenching incident that has shaken the community to its core, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the state, Omolola Odutola, has come forward to shed light on the unfolding tragedy. 


The sinister drink that snuffed out six lives is now revealed to be an adulterated concoction, plunging the community into mourning and bewilderment.


Narrating the unfolding investigation, Odutola disclosed, “On the 16th of July, we received information that a group of friends had gathered for a burial ceremony in Ogbogbo. 


Following their consumption of alcohol, six lives were tragically lost.” Amidst the baffling circumstances surrounding the incident, clarity remains elusive as the families of the victims have yet to come forward to provide a formal account of the events.


While the families seem focused on retrieving their lost loved ones, the PPRO expressed lament that the true depth of this tragedy might remain unexplored due to this reticence.


 The spokesperson revealed that an altercation had occurred between the deceased individuals and the suspect, Seyi Onasanya, involving a request for ‘sepe,’ a local alcoholic beverage sold by Mrs. Osabebe, known as Mama Comfort.


Tragedy struck in a harrowing sequence—within a two-hour interval after imbibing the tainted drink, reports of stomach upsets emerged, culminating in the deaths of several individuals.


 The police, grappling with reluctant families, managed to recover the bodies of three victims, but autopsies were denied, leaving the cause of death obscured.


Undeterred by these challenges, the police commissioner mobilized an investigative team to delve into the matter. Odutola emphasized, “We cannot fold our hands and dismiss this tragedy. 


The CP sent out crack detectives to uncover the truth—was it natural causes, poisoning, or contamination?”


At this juncture, no arrests have been made, as the authorities respect the community’s initial reluctance to engage with the investigation. 


The woman suspected of selling the toxic substance remains in the community. 


The focus now shifts to analyzing samples of the drink to ascertain its composition and potential danger to human health.


In a glimmer of hope amidst the tragedy, two individuals remain alive and are responding to treatment. 


Odutola underscores the importance of a methodical approach, refraining from hasty conclusions and avoiding undue blame until the investigation runs its course.


As the community grapples with grief and uncertainty, the investigation marches on—a quest for truth and justice that seeks to provide answers, closure, and an unflinching dedication to those whose lives were lost to an adulterated concoction that transformed a gathering into a scene of heartbreak.


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