SSANU Urges Swift Action on Salary Increases: Demands Fair Compensation for Tertiary Institution Workers

Daud Olatunji

 The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) is raising its voice in a call for the immediate implementation of significant salary increments, advocating for 25% and 35% increases for workers in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

This demand comes as part of the outcomes from the 45th regular National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held at the University of Maiduguri, Borno.

In a communique issued by Mohammed Ibrahim, the National President of SSANU, it was emphasized that the NEC session focused on critical national issues concerning its members.

One prominent topic of discussion was the ongoing salary renegotiations for SSANU members, led by the late Prof. Nimi Briggs, which was at an advanced stage.

Ibrahim said,originally, SSANU had requested a substantial 700% wage increase, but the committee overseeing the negotiations proposed a more modest 23.5% and 35% salary review for its members.

He added that the recent announcement of a 25% and 35% salary increment for tertiary institution workers by the government, which circulated on social media, was not the result of a collective bargaining agreement with university-based unions, according to Ibrahim.

He stated that although SSANU cautiously acknowledges this slight increase, it is yet to be officially communicated to the union, universities, and inter-university centers.

Ibrahim said SSANU is now urgently urging both the Federal and State Governments to implement the increment without delay and clear any outstanding arrears.

He explained that NEC is also well aware that a provisional sum of N100 billion has been allocated for salary reviews of workers in tertiary institutions, but as of now, it remains unimplemented.

Furthermore, the association expressed deep concerns over the withholding of four months’ salary arrears for its members during the last nationwide strike, characterizing this action as insensitive and inconsiderate.

The association also criticized the withholding of four months’ salary arrears of its members during the last nationwide strike, describing it as insensitive and inconsiderate.

According to Ibrahim, SSANU had demanded for 700 per cent wage increase but the committee offered a 23.5 per and 35 per cent review for members.

“The recent announcement for approval of an increment of 25 per cent and 35 per cent for tertiary institution workers by the government which was circulated in the social media is not a product of collective bargaining agreement with the university based unions.

“While grudgingly acknowledging this slight increase that is yet to be officially communicated to the union, our universities and inter-university centers.

“SSANU urges both Federal and State Governments to immediately implement the increment and pay the arrears without further delay,” he said.

As SSANU continues to champion the rights and fair compensation of tertiary institution workers, the call for swift and fair action on salary increments remains a significant point of focus in their pursuit of justice for their members.


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