Street Singer Portable Offers Unconventional Advice For Success

A street singer, Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, has shared an unconventional advice with his followers through his Instagram story.

The ‘Zazoo Zeh’ artist, reflecting on the lessons learned in 2023, encouraged his fans to reconsider their social circles for success in the upcoming year.

In a blend of Yoruba and Pidgin English, Portable emphasized the importance of avoiding close associations with poor individuals.

He asserted that to achieve success, one should primarily connect with the affluent.

“Omo iya mi, I don learn lesson,” he began. “When you want to go far, do not walk with poor people. Do not make friends with poor people. You can help the poor but do not stay with them.

Do not roll with poor people. When you make friends with poor people, you will always be poor.

“When you roll with big people, you are big. Rich people do not envy the poor; they only help them.

Poor people will envy the rich. So try to make sure you dey roll with rich people.”
Portable’s advice, while controversial, adds a unique perspective to the ongoing discourse on success and social circles.

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