Subsidy Removal : Our Teachers Now Sleep In Cars, Schools, Ogun ASUSS Chairman Reveals

Fawaz Adebisi

The Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUSS) in Ogun state, Dr. Felix Agbesanwa, has  revealed that teachers in the state now sleep in their cars and schools instead of going home.

Dr. Agbesanwa said their action  was as a  result of the removal of fuel subsidy, adding that most teachers live far away from their various work places.

Dr Agbesanwa, in an interview in Abeokuta, explained that while some endure exhausting treks, others transformed their vehicles into makeshift living quarters to avoid the risk of sanctions due to lateness.

He said, “due to the exorbitant fuel prices, there is no way our teachers can afford to commute to work every day.

“Do you know that some teachers now sleep in their schools just to keep up with the system’s needs? Others trek long distances to reach their schools, while a few have turned their vehicles into makeshift living spaces, parking them on school grounds to avoid being sanctioned for lateness.”

He therefore suggested implementing online teaching as a solution, allowing teachers to work from home and students to continue learning despite the challenges.

He also urged the the government to provide palliative support to cushion the impact of the fuel price increase.

Speaking on how teachers should take care of themselves, and cope with the current economic situation, Dr. Agbesanwa urges teachers to prioritize their health,

According to him, the alarming rate of teacher mortality calls for immediate attention.

He advises them to limit cooperative deductions and expenses, focusing on eating good food and getting adequate rest.

Also, stressing the importance of health, he reminded them not to worry about uncontrollable issues like staggered salary or deductions.

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