Survivor Recounts Heartbreaking Losses In Zaria Shi’ites Massacre

In a poignant testimony at the Islamic Movement in Nigeria’s (Shi’ites) 8th-anniversary commemoration of the Zaria massacre, Hajiya Jummai Karofi, a survivor, shared the harrowing details of losing five children during the tragic incident in 2015.

 The event, themed ‘The Site of Memory: An Ardent Resistance of Our Fallen Heroes,’ took place in Abuja this Saturday.

Karofi, a mother of nine, revealed the extent of her family’s devastating ordeal. “I lost five in the Zaria massacre—three biological children and two adopted,” she lamented. 

“My experience was traumatic. It was terrible. I saw more corpses that I never thought I would see in my life. They were killing everybody, shooting indiscriminately.”

Describing the indiscriminate violence that unfolded during the massacre, Karofi expressed her bewilderment, stating, “They were not selecting who to shoot. I don’t know why they did what they did. There was no reason for it at all.”

The survivor highlighted the lasting impact on her family, disclosing, “One is carrying a bullet in his chest right now, and I also was severely injured.”

 Her emotional account shed light on the ongoing physical and emotional toll inflicted on survivors and their families.

In a bleak reflection on the pursuit of justice, Karofi admitted, “Personally, I have lost hope for justice.

The movement had so far been targeted twice for no reason, during this current administration.” 

This statement underscores the challenges faced by victims and their families in seeking accountability and redress for the atrocities committed during the Zaria massacre.

As the survivors and families gathered to commemorate the eighth anniversary, the event served as a poignant reminder of the deep scars left by the tragedy. 

The call for justice echoes among the survivors, casting a shadow over their collective pursuit of accountability and closure.

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