Taraba NMA Sounds Alarm Over Acute Doctor Shortage, Calls for Urgent Government Intervention

Daud Olatunji

In a concerning revelation, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in Taraba State has raised the alarm about a severe shortage of doctors in the region

The NMA is now imploring the state government to take swift action to address this critical issue in order to enhance healthcare delivery for the people.

This urgent appeal was made during a press briefing marking this year’s physician’s week by the NMA’s chairman, Bako Ali. 

Ali disclosed that there are currently only 201 doctors, both active and retired, available to serve a population of over three million in Taraba State. 

This shocking statistic means there is a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:17,959, instead of the recommended 1:600 ratio.

Furthermore, the NMA expressed its deep concern about the proliferation of unregulated clinics in the state. 

The association is also taking steps to curb the activities of quacks in the medical profession by establishing a special committee.

Kidnappings and various security challenges have emerged as major contributors to the alarming shortage of medical professionals in the region.

 The NMA emphasized that concrete action is urgently needed to counteract this dangerous trend, rather than mere rhetoric.

Chairman Bako Ali highlighted that the inadequate training of Nigerian doctors and dentists could reduce their competitiveness on the global stage. 

He noted that a shocking 64% of physicians globally work overtime regularly, and this situation is exacerbated in Taraba State due to the acute doctor shortage.

The NMA called for comprehensive measures to tackle this pressing issue head-on, including encouraging specialization, enhancing the welfare packages for medical professionals, and providing standard infrastructure to make their work easier and reduce burnout.

The shortage of doctors in Taraba State presents a critical healthcare challenge that, if unaddressed, could significantly impact the well-being of the population. 

The NMA’s plea underscores the urgency for government intervention to remedy this situation and ensure that the people of Taraba have access to quality healthcare.

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