Teenage Suspect Recounts Involvement In Over 40 Robberies By Age 16

A shocking revelation emerged as 16-year-old Sunday Ojo, dubbed “Oyenusi Jr.” after the infamous armed robber, disclosed his participation in more than 40 robbery operations across Ondo State. 

Ojo, along with two other young criminals, was apprehended by the state’s security outfit known as ‘Amotekun’, for their rampant acts of armed robbery and mayhem.

Accompanied by 13-year-old Timileyin Femi, alias ‘Anini’, and 16-year-old Matti Lowe, also known as ‘Osunbo’, Ojo’s confessions shed light on the grim reality of their crimes.

 Ojo, previously sent to a juvenile home following his arrest last year, attributed his audacity to his possession of firearms and a malevolent influence.

At a public parade in Akure, the state capital, Ojo declared, “I have lost count of the robbery operations I have been involved in. 

But they can’t be fewer than 40. I was overwhelmed by an evil spirit that motivates me to steal.”

Chief Adetunji Adeleye, Commander of Amotekun, divulged that this was not Ojo’s first brush with the law. At 13, he was taken into custody for illegal possession of firearms and robbery. Adeleye recounted,

 “At that time, he was 13 years. The best we could do was to hand him over to a juvenile and see if he could be rehabilitated. Right now, he’s 16.

 This time around, he broke into a number of shops and removed items. Between then and now, he confessed that he had engaged in over 40 housebreaking activities.”

Adeleye issued an assurance to the public, urging them to continue their daily routines without fear, emphasizing that the state would not provide a sanctuary for criminals. “My advice to criminals is to go away from the state because there is no hiding place for them. 

We will continue to work with other security agencies to make sure that Ondo State is safe for normal business and social activities,” he affirmed.

The arrests of Ojo, Femi, and Lowe highlight the urgent need for proactive measures to curb juvenile delinquency and crime, casting a spotlight on the deeper societal issues that contribute to such criminal behavior. 

As authorities strive to restore safety and security to the region, the story of these young criminals serves as a stark reminder of the challenges society faces in nurturing a safer future for its youth.


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