Tensions Flare As  Abiodun,  Amosun Clash At Public Function  

Daud Olatunji

The longstanding rift between Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun and former Governor Ibikunle Amosun reached a boiling point at a public function in Ijebuland, igniting a dramatic showdown witnessed by attendees.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the  clash, which unfolded during the installation ceremony of Asiwaju Sulaiman Adegunwa and his wife Hajia Fatima, left no doubt about the strained relationship between the political heavyweights.

During the event, Governor Abiodun’s arrival stirred controversy as he bypassed former Governor Amosun and Gbenga Daniel to greet other dignitaries, sparking immediate tension.

 Sources revealed to PLATFORM TIMES that Governor Abiodun, feeling slighted by Amosun’s perceived lack of respect, confronted his predecessor, leading to a heated exchange of words that reverberated throughout the pavilion.

Despite efforts by Vice President Kazzim Shetima to mediate and restore calm, the peace move faltered, nearly disrupting the ceremony. 

Witness accounts painted a vivid picture of the intense confrontation, reminiscent of a political drama playing out in real-time.

This wasn’t the first instance of friction between Abiodun and Amosun, as a similar incident reportedly occurred at Ago-Iwoye during an event attended by Alex Onabanjo.

 Governor Abiodun was reported to have  remained  in his vehicle, even after former Governor Osoba’s attempts to persuade him, hinted at underlying tensions exacerbated by the presence of Gbenga Daniel, a close associate of Onabanjo.

While the exact cause of the clash remains unconfirmed, speculations suggest that personal relationships and political allegiances may have fueled the discord between the two leaders. 

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