Terrifying Night In Suleja: Man Storms Married Woman’s Room Naked, Stab Three In Niger 

It was a night that turned into a nightmare for the residents of Kaduna Road in Suleja, Niger State.


 A suspected rapist’s actions left the neighborhood shaken and horrified as he stabbed two housewives and their husband.


The incident took place around 11:30 pm on a rainy Friday, adding an eerie backdrop to the distressing events that unfolded. 


One of the affected women recounted the horrifying experience, sharing that her husband was spending the night in the first wife’s room when the assailant forcefully entered her room.


The intruder, unclothed and wielding a knife, dragged her onto her bed, gripping her neck and striking her with the blade, all while menacingly ordering her to stay silent. 


The darkness outside mirrored the darkness that enveloped her in that terrifying moment.


Zilfa Umar, the first wife, added her perspective to the tale. Both she and her husband were drawn by the commotion, rushing towards the victim’s room to discover the unimaginable scene. 


Chaos and fear intertwined as they tried to make sense of the horror that had unfolded within their own home.


In a twist of fate, Mallam Umar Abdullahi, the husband and victim, was not at home when reporters arrived, as he had already gone to the Suleja Police Area Command. 


There, he sought justice and retribution, hoping that those responsible for the heinous act would be held accountable.


The area commander, ACP Muhammad Sani Musa, corroborated the unfolding events. 


He confirmed that another suspect, linked to a similar case, had been apprehended within the same neighborhood by the vigilant members of the local security force. 


Justice seemed to be slowly catching up with those who brought terror to the peaceful streets of Suleja.


As the community grapples with the aftermath of this disturbing incident, questions arise about the safety and security of their homes. 


The unnerving night serves as a reminder that even the most peaceful corners can be shattered by darkness and malevolence, leaving scars that go beyond physical wounds.

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