“Those Who Voted for Tinubu Are Now Regretting and Lamenting”

Adejoke Adebiyi


The Ondo State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) asserts that individuals who cast their votes for President Bola Tinubu are now lamenting and regretting their decision. 

In a statement issued from Akure and endorsed by the party’s Publicity Secretary, Kennedy Peretei, Chairman Fatai Adams expressed that the initial months of the presidency have led to significant hardships for Nigerians.

This statement was in response to Ade Adetimehin, the Ondo State chairperson of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), who suggested that the PDP had faded into insignificance.

It was gathered that Adams contended that the APC and its government were actually accountable for the suffering and distress Nigerians had endured over the past eight years.

He emphasized that Adetimehin’s assertions lacked awareness of the widespread public sentiment attributing Ondo State’s challenges to the APC and its governance.

However, he pointed out the discontinuation of fuel subsidies and its severe impact on the populace, asserting that even individuals who were enticed to support the APC in the 2023 general elections were now lamenting their choice.

Critically, Adams underscored that Adetimehin ought to exhibit humility and accountability, recognizing the grave misfortunes engendered by his party.

He criticized Adetimehin’s casual claim of the “extinction” of the PDP, deeming it not only laughable but also a display of high-level mischief.

Regarding the defection of party members to the ruling party, Adams clarified that the majority of the celebrated 203 councillors had not played an active role in the past two election cycles in Ondo State.

He described some of them as having been part of the APC since 2016, indicating that Adetimehin’s interpretation of their defection as a sign of the PDP’s demise was perplexing and could only be understood by someone detached from reality.

In addition, Adams affirmed that the Ondo PDP remains unshaken by a handful of individuals embarking on a self-destructive course within Adetimehin’s beleaguered APC. While expressing empathy for these individuals, he noted the irony of their jubilant demeanor despite the actual circumstances. He predicted that sooner or later, they would come to realize the falsehood they had lived under.

With determination, Adams asserted that the PDP was far from extinct and dispelled any notion to the contrary. He confidently stated that signs of extinction were non-existent and that the PDP would endure indefinitely.

“A few of them have been in the APC since 2016. How the defection of such characters translates to the PDP being extinct can only be understood by someone like Adetimehin, who is presiding over a dangerously fragmented APC in the State but deludes himself with fun-seeking decampees who tell him tales by moonlight.

“The PDP in Ondo State is unruffled by a few persons who are on a self-destructive misadventure in Adetimehin’s sinking APC ship.

“While we sympathize with such persons, it is pathetic that those who should be weeping are dancing and rejoicing.

” But in no distant time, reality will dawn on them that, indeed, they lived a lie all along.

The party chairman declared that “The PDP cannot be extinct, there are no such signs. And it will never be.”

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