Three Killed In Ogun  Cult Clash Clash 

Three persons  have been killed, including one who was beheaded in a violent escalation between rival cult groups in the Ijoko area of Ogun State.

The ongoing conflict involves suspected members of the Aye and Eiye confraternities.

The clash reportedly began last Friday with the murder of Adisa, a suspected leader of the Aye group.

 According to sources, Adisa was not only killed but also had his hand severed by his assailants.

In retaliation, members of the Aye confraternity launched a reprisal attack the following day, resulting in the deaths of two Eiye members. 

Eyewitnesses reported that one of the victims, identified as Seun, a fuel attendant at Taidom Filling Station in Alaroro, was brutally attacked. 

Seun was initially shot, causing panic and scattering the onlookers. The assailants then beheaded Seun, leaving his head on Ijoko Bridge while taking his body away.

A  resident narrated “On Friday, Adisa, the Aye leader, was killed and his hand cut off. But in retaliation, members of Aye returned on Saturday around 6 pm and killed two Eiye members in a very brutal manner. 

“They specifically targeted Seun, shooting him first and causing everyone nearby to flee. 

“They then finished him off and beheaded him. The attackers left only Seun’s head at the scene, taking his body with them.

“The gruesome nature of these killings has left the streets of Ijoko deserted, with residents living in fear of further violence.

“The need for increased police presence is urgently felt in the community.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Ogun State Command, Omolola Odutola, claimed to be unaware of the events.

 “I don’t have the information, sir. If such a thing happened, the DPO Ijoko Ota would have informed us,” she said.

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