Tinubu Adopts Cost-Cutting Measures, Resides In 2-Bedroom Flat

President Bola Tinubu has reportedly implemented a series of cost-cutting strategies, including residing in a modest two-bedroom flat, as affirmed by Comrade Joe Ajaero, President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).


Ajaero shared insights from a recent meeting with the president, during which Tinubu disclosed his commitment to reducing the cost of governance. Despite his intentions to continue using his private plane and decrease the number of vehicles in his official convoy, security officials advised against these measures.


In an interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Ajaero provided details about the conversation. He explained that during the meeting between NLC leaders and the president, concerns were raised about the escalating cost of governance, particularly regarding the appointment of ministers and their subsequent staff appointments.


Tinubu, however, defended the approach by emphasizing its contribution to job creation, a perspective with which the NLC disagreed.


Ajaero reported that Tinubu referred to his own experiences. He cited his efforts to downsize his fleet of cars and his preference for using his private jet, but both were challenged on security grounds. Furthermore, the president shared that he currently resides in a two-bedroom flat, showcasing his commitment to frugality and his intention to encourage similar measures among his staff.


Ajaero concluded the interview with a sense of intrigue, stating, “So, I don’t know what that means.”


Despite these cost-saving assertions, President Tinubu has faced significant criticism over his nomination of 48 individuals as ministers, raising questions about the extent of his commitment to reducing the government’s expenditure.


PLATFORM TIMES highlights that President Tinubu’s actions have sparked discussions surrounding his cost-cutting efforts and their compatibility with recent political decisions.

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