Tinubu Cracks Down On Unauthorized Access to Federal Executive Meetings At Aso Rock

Daud Olatunji


President Bola Tinubu  has expressed his concern about the unauthorized access granted to individuals during Federal Executive Meetings held at Aso Rock, emphasizing the need for transparency and strict adherence to protocol in government affairs. 

In a recent address, the President stated that such practices are “not acceptable” and unveiled the limited list of individuals permitted to attend these crucial meetings.

Speaking,President Tinubu revealed his dismay at the unchecked entry of unauthorized persons into the Federal Executive Meetings. 

He pointed out that during a recent session, he even saw a photograph showing his son among the attendees, seated behind the meeting cubicle.

This revelation prompted him to take immediate action to rectify the situation.

Tinubu outlined a revised protocol for attendance at Federal Executive Meetings, asserting that only individuals granted explicit permission would be allowed access. 

He stressed that, in the absence of a direct summons from him, no one should attempt to participate in these high-stakes gatherings.

The President then proceeded to announce the exclusive list of individuals who are authorized to attend these meetings with his consent:

Adis Bala Usman – Special Assistant on Policy ; Bayo Onanuga – Special Adviser on Information and Strategy, Akeem Muri Okunola – Principal Private Secretary; and Damilotun Aderemi – Private Secretary

These individuals have been granted an exception to attend the meetings and participate in the business of the nation. 

President Tinubu reiterated that their presence had his full consent, and they would be the only ones allowed into the meetings unless he specifically requested others to join.

He said “Last week I noticed undue access people sneaking in and out of this hastle including I saw the photograph of my son ,he was sitting behind the cubicle there . That is not acceptable .

“I will announce to you those who are supposed to be here with my consent ;

“Adis Bala Usman ,SA policy 

“Bayo Onanuga information and strategy 

“Akeem  Muri Okunola  Principal  Private Secretary ; and  Damilotun Aderemi   Private Secretary.

“Those are the people granted the exception here  during the time we are conducting the business of the national unless I sent for you , don’t come.”

This announcement marks a significant step toward maintaining the security and confidentiality of critical government deliberations at Aso Rock.

 It also underlines President Tinubu’s commitment to ensuring that only those with legitimate reasons and authorization are present during Federal Executive Meetings. 

The move is expected to strengthen the integrity of the executive branch and enhance transparency in Nigeria’s governance.

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