Tinubu Invites Opposition Parties For Unity Government, Pledges Inclusive Governance

In a surprising turn of events, President Bola Tinubu extended a hand of collaboration to opposition parties, calling for the formation of a unity government to collectively address Nigeria’s challenges.

 The president made this unexpected announcement during his New Year broadcast, on Monday morning, emphasizing the need for a unified approach to propel the nation forward.

Tinubu, who highlighted the drastic decisions taken during his seven-month tenure to save the country, acknowledged the discomfort some measures caused, such as fuel subsidy removal and changes to the foreign exchange system.

Despite these challenges, he reiterated the necessity of such decisions to avert fiscal catastrophe and set Nigeria on a path to national greatness.

Expressing deep sympathy for citizens grappling with the high cost of living, inflation, and underemployment, Tinubu pledged to accelerate service delivery across sectors, focusing on initiatives to enhance peace, security, and economic prosperity.

The President’s invitation to opposition parties for a unity government reflects a commitment to inclusive governance and a recognition of the diverse perspectives needed to navigate complex issues. 

Tinubu stated, “I am not oblivious to the expressed and sometimes unexpressed frustrations of my fellow citizens. I know for a fact that some of our compatriots are even asking if this is how our administration wants to renew their hope.”

As part of his economic and social agenda for 2024, President Tinubu outlined plans to improve critical sectors such as electricity, fuel refining, food production, the business environment, and the standard of living. 

Collaborating with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to accelerate the Siemens electricity project under the Presidential Power Initiative was a key highlight.

Acknowledging the importance of steady electricity supply for economic transformation, Tinubu affirmed ongoing projects aimed at boosting the national grid. 

He also announced the restart of local petroleum refining in 2024, involving the Port Harcourt refinery and Dangote refinery.

To ensure food security, the government plans to cultivate 500,000 hectares for crops like rice and wheat.

The President promised simplified fiscal and tax policies to aid business competitiveness, inviting more foreign investment while vowing to remove obstacles faced by investors in Nigeria.

The 2024 budget’s eight priority areas, including security, job creation, stability, human capital development, and poverty reduction, underscored Tinubu’s commitment to addressing the nation’s pressing issues.

As part of the unity government initiative, President Tinubu urged national unity, inviting opponents to collaborate for Nigeria’s progress.

While wishing Nigerians a happy 2024, he emphasized the importance of citizen involvement in building a prosperous country. 

In his closing remarks, Tinubu stated, “We will work diligently to make sure every Nigerian feels the impact of their government.

The economic aspirations and the material well-being of the poor, the most vulnerable, and the working people shall not be neglected.”


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