Tinubu Supporters Call For Calm Amidst Subsidy Removal, Soaring Costs Of Living

Aminat Gusanu


In the wake of the recent removal of subsidies and the subsequent surge in the cost of living in Nigeria, the National Coordinator of Disciples of Jagaban, a prominent support group for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, has issued an appeal for calm.


In a statement released on Saturday, PLATFORM TIMES reports that Alawuje addressed the longstanding issue of subsidies being misappropriated over the past four decades, diverting a significant portion of the country’s resources into private hands. He acknowledged that the present challenges facing the nation were anticipated and well-prepared for by President Tinubu.


“The battle ahead is not expected to be easy,” Alawuje stated. “Undoubtedly, there will be resistance from those benefiting from the previous system. However, we have a formidable leader in Jagaban – someone with a success-oriented mindset and a tenacious spirit.”


Alawuje emphasized that the importance of confronting this challenge promptly and decisively could not be overstated. “If we don’t face this battle head-on now and overcome it definitively, we might not get another chance. That would be a double tragedy.”


“We are fortunate to have Asiwaju who comprehends the intricacies of the situation and is resolutely committed to fighting and ultimately prevailing,” he added.


Alawuje also acknowledged the hardships that citizens might endure during this period of restructuring. He pointed out that President Tinubu had made it clear that he understood the difficulties that lay ahead when he chose to take on this endeavor. Drawing an analogy, he likened it to spectators appearing better than professional footballers when the game is at its fiercest.


“I have reiterated this point countless times. Having been part of various campaign movements with past leaders, I can confidently say that Tinubu’s level of dedication is unparalleled. He comprehends the challenges that Nigerians will face during the process of system restructuring and is determined to resolve them swiftly,” Alawuje remarked.


He also shed light on the fact that previous administrations had intended well for the nation, but were hindered by unfavorable circumstances within the system. In contrast, Alawuje highlighted President Tinubu’s proactive approach from the outset of his administration, which had a ripple effect across the West African subregion, even leading to a change in leadership in another country.


While Alawuje acknowledged that the policy shift had repercussions that were being felt by Nigerians, he expressed confidence that there was a positive outcome on the horizon. He called on fellow citizens to unite with President Tinubu and collaboratively bring an end to the current complex situation.


In the midst of rising concerns about the removal of subsidies and the resulting economic challenges, the appeal for patience and understanding from President Tinubu’s supporters seeks to strike a balance between the necessary reforms and the well-being of the nation’s populace.

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