Tinubu Urges Govs To Prioritize Local Needs, Accountability

President Bola Tinubu has stressed  the critical importance of addressing the needs of rural areas to spur economic development in Nigeria. 

The President urged the  state governments to enhance their focus on local communities, ensuring that the administration of local governments is both accountable and effective.

He said this at  a recent meeting with the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

He said “we are running a constitutional democracy. I will appeal to you to summon the governors. I am doing my very best to enhance the revenue base of the country. 

“They must equally be sympathetic, and they must urgently consider the needs of the local people,” President Tinubu stated. 

He stressed that while significant attention is often given to national issues, the welfare of local communities, where the majority of Nigerians live and work, must not be overlooked.

Highlighting the operational challenges of local governments, President Tinubu posed critical questions regarding their effectiveness in service delivery and development coordination.

 “People reside in the local communities. That is where they work, farm, and live. If the local governments are not effective in delivering services; as leaders, we must not hang on to the numbers. 

“We have 774 local government areas, but are they truly effective? Do they solve problems for Nigerians? Do they coordinate development programming with the state and federal governments?” he asked. 

He also suggested the need for a reevaluation of local government performance to meet current challenges.

The President also drew attention to the alarming situation of out-of-school children in parts of Nigeria, labeling it as unacceptable. 

He pointed out that education is a fundamental tool in the fight against poverty and a cornerstone for national development. 

“The question of out-of-school children is unacceptable. Education is a tool against poverty, and that is what brought many of us here. We must use our education to serve the people and improve their conditions.

“ We must develop the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, which is the education system. We will collaborate with you on this intensively,” he stated.

Addressing infrastructure and poverty, particularly in the northern regions, President Tinubu described the current state as untenable.

 “We are still building Nigeria, and I am glad that you have emphasized the need for development.

“ The infrastructure decay is unacceptable, and the level of poverty in the north is unacceptable. We must eliminate the source of these trends,” he said, signaling a firm commitment to nationwide development and poverty alleviation.

On security matters, President Tinubu lauded the efforts of the National Security Adviser, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. 

He highlighted the administration’s commitment to enhancing security through increased investment in technology. 

“Everybody wants to be secure, and we need to invest more in technology. We will do it, I promise you. We will put our heart and soul into ensuring that Nigeria is secure and its citizens are protected,” Tinubu assured.

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