Tribunal Judge Rejects Bribery Attempt, Issues Strong Warning To Deter Future Incidents

Israel Adeleke


The chairperson of the Kano State National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal, Justice Flora Azinge, has expressed her frustration regarding an incident in which a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) attempted to bribe her.

Justice Azinge shared her thoughts in court on Tuesday, lamenting the unethical practices of certain senior lawyers without disclosing the identity of the lawyer involved.

She revealed that the specific SAN attempting to bribe her had an ongoing case before the tribunal.

“A Senior Advocate of Nigeria who has a pending case before me is attempting to bribe me. Money has been flowing into this tribunal since yesterday.

“Whoever collects money on my behalf, God will punish that person and their unborn generations up to the fourth generation.”

Justice Azinge further emphasized that judges are often unjustly accused of accepting bribes, both through media and public discourse.

However, she sternly warned that nobody should approach her with money again, as she is content with the blessings she has received from God and the security of her home.

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