UN Peace Ambassador Urges Politicians To Strengthen Nigeria’s Police Force

Dr. Sherif Lawal, a United Nations Peace Ambassador, has issued a fervent appeal to politicians and public office holders in Nigeria, urging them to provide essential support and financial backing to the Nigeria Police Force.

 The call for assistance comes as part of an initiative to combat security challenges and foster a climate of peace and safety within the nation.

Dr. Lawal emphasized the critical role that the Nigeria Police Force plays in maintaining law and order and safeguarding the lives and property of citizens. 

He stressed that, in order to enhance their capabilities and effectiveness, it is incumbent upon all stakeholders, including politicians, to rally behind the police.

Addressing a gathering at the International Association of World Peace Advocates in Abuja on Thursday, Dr. Lawal underscored the need for robust support for the police, both in terms of financial resources and physical infrastructure. 

He believed that such support would enable the police to more effectively combat criminal activities and address security concerns.

In his address, Dr. Lawal did not shy away from addressing the issue of corruption among politicians, stating that their pursuit of quick wealth contributes to the rise in criminal activities.

 He called for a redirection of priorities, advocating for the allocation of resources toward strengthening the police force and enhancing security.

Highlighting the United Nations’ global efforts to support police systems, Dr. Lawal expressed appreciation for their role in promoting peace worldwide. 

He emphasized that the police, like all individuals, have limitations that can only be overcome with adequate facilities and equipment.

Dr. Lawal believed that collaborative efforts between the police, paramilitary agencies, and the public would lead to improved security in Nigeria.

 He called upon politicians and public office holders to empower the police force to carry out its duties effectively.

Ambassador Sherif Lawal’s commitment to promoting peace and security was acknowledged during the event, particularly for his efforts in Katsina State. Amb Pep Stafsen, in his remarks, emphasized the vital role of policing in maintaining peace and safety for humanity. 

He pledged the association’s unwavering support for the welfare of the police force and celebrated individuals who have contributed to peace advocacy as heroes and ambassadors of peace.

Dr. Lawal’s impassioned plea highlights the urgent need for collective action in bolstering Nigeria’s security apparatus and fostering a more peaceful societ

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