Unidentified Man Jumps Into Lokoja River Amidst Economic Struggles, Police Investigating

In a tragic turn of events, an unidentified man  has resorted to a heart-wrenching act, plunging into the depths of the Lokoja River, allegedly driven by the burden of economic hardship. 

The Kogi Police Command has confirmed this devastating incident, which occurred  between 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. on a fateful day.

SP Williams Ovye-Aya, the spokesperson for the command, shared the grim details.

 A Divisional Police Officer led a search team to the Meme Bridge on Ganaka-Ajaokuta Road, the site where the man reportedly took his life.

 While the man’s slippers were discovered at the scene, his lifeless body remained elusive, necessitating an extensive search operation.

As of now, the man’s identity remains a mystery, as no family members have come forward to report his absence. 

The police are relying on reports from concerned citizens who witnessed the incident.

Two conflicting narratives surround the tragedy. Some witnesses claim that the man left his tricycle parked on the bridge before taking the fatal leap, while others suggest he disembarked from another person’s tricycle moments before his desperate act.

SP Ovye-Aya emphasized the urgency of locating the man’s remains, describing the situation as “very unfortunate” and “rash.” 

He urged the residents of Kogi State to refrain from such drastic actions, even in the face of prevailing economic challenges.

An anonymous eyewitness, speaking to the media, expressed shock at the man’s decision to end his life due to economic hardship.

 They recounted their attempt to rescue him, which was thwarted by the presence of a snake, prompting them to seek assistance from the police.

The inrcident serves as a grim reminder of the toll economic struggles can take on individuals and highlights the importance of mental health support and community awareness.

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