Unjust Arrest Allegations Plague Actress At #JusticeForMohBad Rally: Demands Justice Amidst Dehumanization

By Israel Adeleke

In a harrowing turn of events, rising Nigerian actress Obikoya Funke found herself at the center of controversy and injustice when she was reportedly  mistakenly apprehended by the Nigeria Police Force, Ogun State Command, for her participation in the #JusticeForMohBad rally. 

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the rally and arrest took place in Ijebu-,Ode .

Her story of wrongful arrest, imprisonment, and the demand for an exorbitant bail amount has sparked outrage and calls for justice within the entertainment industry and beyond.

The #JusticeForMohBad rally, organized in the wake of the mysterious death of the beloved singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, known as MohBad, became a platform for many Nigerians to voice their concerns about the circumstances surrounding his demise. 

Funke, a passionate supporter of the cause, joined her friends to attend the rally in Ijebu Ode by Ibadan Garage in September.

Little did she know that her act of solidarity would soon turn into a nightmare.

Around 3:30 pm, while sitting by the roadside with her friends, law enforcement officers descended upon the gathering, arresting everyone present, including Funke. 

She recounted her traumatic experience, stating, “Two police officers dragged me into their car. Although some of my friends managed to escape, I stayed because I hadn’t done anything wrong. 

They took us to the police station and locked us in a cell. I had to sleep on the cold, bare floor.”

Funke’s distressing ordeal didn’t end there. The following day, she was shocked to find herself facing multiple charges, including an allegation of being associated with the Eiye Confraternity, a charge she vehemently denied.

As an aspiring actress and model working hard to establish herself in the industry, Funke expressed her frustration and despair over the impact of her wrongful arrest and accusations on her career.

 She lamented, “They have spoiled my career. They arrested me wrongly and accused me wrongly. They took me to prison and said that my bail was N500,000.”

Thankfully, Funke was able to secure her release on bail, but her fight for justice is far from over. 

Her case has been adjourned until November, and she is determined to clear her name and seek accountability for the unjust treatment she endured.

Funke’s story has ignited a wave of support and solidarity from fellow entertainers, activists, and concerned citizens, who are demanding a thorough investigation into her case and an end to the unlawful arrests and allegations that have marred the #JusticeForMohBad movement.

As the nation awaits further developments, Funke remains resolute in her pursuit of justice, determined to shed light on the injustices she and others have faced while peacefully advocating for a cause they hold dear.

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