UPDATED : Cholera Hits Ogun, One Dies, Five Hospitalised

...As Govt.Confirms Outbreak

 Daud Olatunji

An outbreak of cholera has struck Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun State, claiming the life of an elderly woman and leading to the hospitalization of five  individuals. 

 PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the incident occured  in the Ijebu-North local government area of the state  three days ago.

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the deceased woman contracted cholera while caring for her infected child, who is now among the hospitalized. 

Local sources suggest that up to four more individuals may have succumbed to the disease, and numerous others have been hospitalized. 

However, these additional fatalities have not been independently verified at the time of reporting.

Confirming the outbreak,  Dr. Tomi Coker, the Commissioner for Health, said a 62-year-old woman dies while five persons were hospitalised.

Coker said it happened in Ijebu-Igbo in the Ijebu-North local government area of the state.

In a press conference on Thursday, Dr. Kunle Ashimi, Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in Ogun State, acknowledged the widespread impact of cholera, which has affected 30 states across the country, including Ogun.

 Dr. Ashimi expressed condolences for the victims, stating, “As of today, cholera has been reported in 30 states, including Ogun State, with at least 30 deaths nationwide. We pray for the souls of the departed.”

Dr. Ashimi also confirmed that the NMA is on high alert and that the government has provided a contact number for reporting new cases. 

This cholera outbreak follows a severe episode in 2023, when the state recorded 236 cases and 12 fatalities within one month.

 The affected areas included Ijebu North, Abeokuta North, and Abeokuta South. 

Dr. Coker previously confirmed these figures, highlighting the persistent threat of cholera in the region.

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