Urgent Call for Sexual Health Awareness Amid Rising Gonorrhoea Risk

Adejoke Adebiyi


Occupational Health Nurse, Nurse Abdusalam Abdulmalik, has issued an urgent call to address the growing risk of gonorrhoea, emphasizing the need for immediate action in combating this pressing issue.


Abdulmalik highlighted the alarming surge in gonorrhoea cases among sexually active individuals and issued a vital warning about the potential dangers of untreated infections.


Contrary to misconceptions, Abdulmalik stressed that gonorrhoea does not discriminate based on age, gender, or sexual orientation. 


She explained that this highly contagious sexually transmitted infection (STI) poses a risk to individuals of any age, including newborns who can contract the infection during childbirth if their mothers are infected.


Abdulmalik underscored the vulnerability of young adults, especially those under 25, who face a significantly higher risk of gonorrhoea infection due to their increased sexual activity and engagement in unprotected intercourse with multiple partners.


Moreover, individuals with a history of previous STIs are at elevated risk, and contacting with an infected individual can easily lead to a gonorrhoea infection in such cases.


Abdulmalik also emphasized the heightened risks associated with same-sex intercourse and among men, citing anatomical factors and the potential for anal intercourse. Encounters with infected partners significantly increase the risk of transmission.


 Nurse Abdulmalik stressed the critical need for sexual health awareness and responsible practices to curb the spread of gonorrhoea.


” It must be noted that a newborn can get gonorrhoea from the mother during childbirth. People who are at greater risk for this infection are people under the age of 25 and they are at a higher risk of having gonorrhoea because they are the ones more active sexually and they are the ones that engage in unprotected sexual intercourse with several partners. 


They are at a higher risk of having this infection. Likewise, an individual that has had a history of STIs, any one of them, is at a higher risk of having gonorrhoea if they have contact with someone that is infected” she said.

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