US-Based Nigerian Man Cries Out As Uncle Uses Millions Sent For Building Project To Marry Second Wife

In a shocking tale of betrayal and misuse of trust, a Nigerian man living in the United States has publicly voiced his anguish after discovering that the substantial funds he sent home for a construction project were misappropriated by his uncle.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that instead of overseeing the building of a house, the uncle allegedly squandered the money on a lavish lifestyle and married  a second wife.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that the  US-based man had sent money to his uncle, believing that the funds were being used to construct a home in Nigeria.

It was gathered that the man  received regular updates and photographs purportedly showing the progress of the building.

 However, these updates turned out to be a facade.

The man’s discovery of the deceit came as a devastating blow. After months of trust and significant financial investment, he learned that no construction work had been done.

It was further gathered that his  uncle had been living a life of luxury, using the money to enhance his personal lifestyle and eventually marry a second wife.

In a stunning justification, the uncle defended his actions by pointing out the financial disparity between him and his nephew. 

He argued that since the man was living a more financially secure life in America, he should not complain about the funds being used in a manner that benefited the family in Nigeria, albeit in a way that the nephew had not intended.

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