VC Advocates Inclusion Of Private University Students In Federal Student Loan Scheme

In a heartfelt appeal, Professor Adeniyi Olatunbisun, the Vice Chancellor of Ok KolaDaisi University in Ibadan, Oyo State, has urged the Federal Government to extend its student loan scheme to encompass students from private universities

 This plea was made during a press conference held in the Senate Chamber of the institution as part of the 3rd Convocation activities.

The call comes in the wake of President Bola Tinubu’s announcement regarding the initiation of interest-free student loans starting in January 2024, primarily aimed at Nigerians seeking tertiary education.

Professor Olatunbisun emphasized that the benefits of the student loan program should not be confined solely to federal government-owned universities. 

He stressed that this extension would open up a vital avenue for countless students who are ardently committed to pursuing higher education but face daunting financial barriers.

“Education is a universal right,” he asserted, “and there should be no distinction between the Federal, state, and private university systems, as we are all dedicated to serving the Nigerian people. 

In our universities, we have established special arrangements, such as partnering with a Microfinance Bank to provide loans for parents willing to pay their children’s school fees in our institution.”

He continued, “This initiative is another crucial way to assist parents in fulfilling their children’s educational aspirations, particularly during these challenging economic times. It would also complement the government’s ongoing efforts. 

Additionally, we have generous donors who offer scholarships to financially disadvantaged students within our institution.”

In a significant development, Professor Olatunbisun also revealed that the National Universities Commission has granted accreditation for an additional five courses, including Nursing, Laboratory Science, Public Health Science, Human Physiology, and Human Anatomy. 

This expansion reflects the university’s dedication to delivering a comprehensive and high-quality education to its students.

As part of the upcoming convocation ceremony, the Vice Chancellor mentioned that the event would feature the recognition of students who have achieved outstanding academic feats within the institution. 

Moreover, the esteemed Prof. Julius Okojie, former Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), is slated to deliver a lecture titled “Nigeria Education System at the Crossroad,” shedding light on the challenges and opportunities facing the nation’s education landscape.

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