Veteran Actor Adebayo Salami, “Oga Bello  Prays For Divine Health As He Nears 75th Birthday

Celebrated Nigerian actor Adebayo Salami, affectionately known as “Oga Bello,” is approaching his 75th birthday with a deep sense of gratitude and an unwavering desire for divine grace to sustain his health and longevity.

 In an exclusive conversation with R, the veteran actor, who has graced the Nigerian movie industry for decades, shared his remarkable journey and aspirations for the future.

As Oga Bello prepares to celebrate this significant milestone in his life, he reflects on the challenges and blessings that have shaped his remarkable career.

 Despite his age and the inherent health concerns that come with it, the actor remains resolutely optimistic.

“At this age, I still have the ability to produce and act in movies. In fact, I just finished producing my movie,” Oga Bello stated. 

“It is a fact that you can’t attain this age and not nurse one ailment or the other. I have been battling with hypertension for more than 40 years, and I have lived with it.

 To God be the glory, I am still alive and well. I will continue to pray to God for grace to live the rest of my life in good health and happiness.”

His unwavering determination to maintain his health and continue his contributions to the entertainment industry is truly remarkable.

 Oga Bello’s resilience is even more noteworthy when considering that he has been managing hypertension since the young age of 28.

 However, he attributes his positive outlook to the longevity of his parents, who lived well beyond 100 years despite sharing the same health condition.

As he approaches his 75th birthday, Oga Bello eagerly anticipates commemorating this milestone with a documentary that will encapsulate his illustrious career and contributions to Nigerian cinema.

 This documentary serves as a testament to his enduring legacy in the world of cinema and the positive impact he has had on the industry.

Oga Bello’s story is one of determination, resilience, and unwavering faith. His wish for divine grace to enjoy good health as he enters the next phase of his life is a testament to his enduring spirit and commitment to his craft. 

As he continues to inspire through his work, Oga Bello remains a beloved figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his fans and peers alike.

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