Vice Chancellor  Threatens Students With Mass Failure Over  Stolen Phone 

A viral video  has captured a  Vice Chancellor declaring   that no student will graduate until her stolen phone is returned.

The VC Chancellor who voice was only captured threatened the students over the mysterious disappearance of her phone in the company of students.

PLATFORM TIMES which could not confirm the name of the institution ,but, observed to have been one of the universities in the South East of Nigeria. 

PLATFORM TIMES observed that the stern warning triggers a mix of reactions on social media, with some finding humour and others expressing concern about the severity of the Vice Chancellor’s ultimatum.

As discussions unfold online, questions arise about the appropriate response to on-campus thefts and the role of disciplinary measures in maintaining order within educational institutions.

The Vice Chancellor’s outburst becomes a focal point in the broader conversation about the challenges faced by academic leaders in upholding discipline and order. 

The circumstances surrounding the phone’s disappearance remain unclear, emphasizing the importance of accountability and integrity within the academic community.

Online reactions showcase a range of sentiments, from humour to scepticism about the Vice Chancellor’s approach, highlighting the impact of such incidents on the university’s reputation.


  • xan_draa: “Mummy no be by muscleee oo… u better start begging dem than shoutinggg cos ur phone otilor! 😹🤣.”
  • zia_blac: “How she won take track the tiff 😂😂.”
  • horlar_mhoney: “If dem goes your phone this period u sef goes another person own😂 Xr na 310k😂.”
  • knedved007: “Dem don run VC street, this year is no Gree for anybody 😂.”
  • henry_aniegboka_: “You dey luck say no be for poly nekede cus if nah dele just know say that department all of unah 😂dey see carryover.”

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